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82d0f8b7 No.942

Sorry for the delay.
Here's chapter 93. The chapter numbering seems to be back on track with this one.

It's 30 pages, and I'm too lazy to post them one at a time, so here's a download link.

e63c5f32 No.943


af01c98e No.944

Woop new chapter. Thanks

2e2e9d35 No.945

Yotsuba dressed as a princess in the cover page needs to make it into the next volume's cover.

f8f7403f No.946

Thanks Ralen.

This was definitely my favorite chapter in a while. Way to cute.

ae0b6ac5 No.947

I am NOT okay that Asagi cut her hair. Why the hell won’t women just leave their hair long? I’LL take care of it for them if they think it’s too much trouble. Do they even know what a boyfriend is for?

f8841edc No.948

Yotsuba ojou-sama laugh is everything.

9ebeeafd No.949

Shut the fuck up. Women with short hair are beautiful, the MOST beautiful.
Today's society calls any woman with hair just short of their shoulder a dyke or boy- robbing me the joy of ruffling short, silky hair. Eat a dick OF HAIR.

Thanks, Ralen.

59d44ade No.950

Christ, her hair isn't even short. I'll take the same offence to this as when people tell me to cut my hair, because ghasp guys shouldn't have long hair. It's not your hair and it's none of your damn business. Even if you were in a relationship, it'd still be incredibly petty to think that your taste should dictate what happens to your partners body.

bdce2526 No.951

File: 1473896294798.jpg (514.55 KB, 884x818)

"Wait, if I was a princess I would get to ride in giant pumpkins and piss off feminists?! Sweet!"

965dc6da No.953

come on, we ALL know Asagi is a rug muncher, she don't have a need for a boyfriendo as long as she got Tiger to eat her.

965dc6da No.955

File: 1473898179033.gif (75.33 KB, 402x350)

spin it!

82d0f8b7 No.963

Nicely done!

2ffb9fdf No.964

Round and round we go!

07b9f47b No.966

Thanks Ralen!

I love the ending frame of this chapter.

41b184c1 No.968

Heeeeeey! That's pretty good!

Well, you don't need magic to piss off feminists. Actually you may need magic not to.

965dc6da No.969

truth be told got this off 4chan /manga

06f8fcc9 No.993

lol get over yourself; her hair was better long

2e2e9d35 No.994


Asagi looks great with the side ponytail.

Plus, it's probably easier to take care of…. and it's not like women never change their hairdos.

6acd4b0e No.1114

Was there a new IM and Yotsuba this month?

82d0f8b7 No.1123

IM, yes. Yotsuba, no.
About to posting the IM chapter now.

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