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288ce886 No.901

Yomi and Chiyo taking Tomo home from drinking too much plus she lost her shoes and socks while Osaka talks to her hand.

6eb31ad6 No.904

chiyo has the smell of tomo's crotch on the back of her head

398662a7 No.910

File: 1472341648243.png (148.46 KB, 312x239)

Tomo thinks the birds are on her lawn despite them being in the air so she's trying to kick them while yelling at them to get off.

dd4ecf4c No.911

Yomi is trying to kill & eat Chiyo because there is still 20 minutes to go before the next snack break

288ce886 No.914

File: 1472781440047.jpg (42.77 KB, 800x600)

Does Tomo's crotch have a smell?

6eb31ad6 No.917

I wonder if this person wishes Chieko Higuchi had a longer career too if only to complete the leg (or arm?)

288ce886 No.941

File: 1473692550354.jpg (46.38 KB, 830x600)

Chiyo-Chan after assuming the highest office in the Japanese government, warning her country's youth of the dangers of Marxism.

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