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c209055c No.836

so both Azuma and Barasui are just sitting all day fapping to CP and no news on any new chapters in the near future at all?

eff2f69e No.837

I kind of wonder what Azuma's up to these days. He hasn't updated his twitter since March.

f969f125 No.838

Comike is coming up and I happened to see Azuma's illustration for it - although I think that was completed a while ago.

720bf674 No.839

File: 1470619172527.jpg (372.06 KB, 800x561)

Hopefully hard at work in secret.

f969f125 No.840

Azuma is probably nursing and changing the shitting tube for Barasui while he's in hospice

51316bd0 No.841

azuma is currently on an opium bender with underage prostitutes in thailand

8ee9522d No.842

I heard he lost both hands in a tic-tac-toe accident and then kidnapped and killed Barasui and stole his hands and paid a surgeon to have Barasui's hands attached to his own stumps, but then when he tried to draw more Yotsuba it was all Ena's panty shots.

c209055c No.843

does anyone really know what's the true story with Barasui and what is his condition?

8ee9522d No.844

No one really knows.

f969f125 No.845

All I remember is what Ralen (iirc) mentioned about him taking a hiatus from IM from, I think, due to an illness. It must have been pretty intense if he couldn't work during that time. Whether he recovered fully or some, I don't know. He's continuing the series, so there's that.

There was a time a few years back when it seemed every other manga-ka just seemed to have dropped dead from an undisclosed illness. Although I think IM dropped a lot in amusement, it would still kind of suck if he died now. IM was all over 4chan for a time, so for me it was kind of the face of /a/ for the time I was there.

eff2f69e No.846

There were rumors a few years ago that he was in poor health, but I don't know that those were ever substantiated.

It was pointed out that he draws IM so infrequently now, it has to be like a side gig for him. It's hard to imagine him earning a living wage on just a few pages every other month or so. Unless he's coasting on royalties from sales of the anime or manga volumes or something.

8ee9522d No.847

If I had to guess I'd say ASCII Media Works is pocketing all the money and they just pay him for the pages once. Why would they share with him if they don't have to?
>it has to be like a side gig for him
Imagine having Barasui as a coworker. I know he'd hate me because I'd be trying to be his best friend all day every day.

fc758b0d No.848

When Azuma is gone he's usually doing something else, either designing the mascots for WonFes or building an empire out of cardboard boxes.

As for Barasui, well they do say that lolicon is disease.

8ee9522d No.852

>they do say that lolicon is disease
But it ain't though. They be sayn' that? They be lyin'!

82b23bfd No.856

File: 1471087676357.png (189.97 KB, 741x592)

Can they do that? Wouldn't he be guaranteed royalties on the volumes?

Reminds me of this.

f969f125 No.866

File: 1471635352996.png (512.57 KB, 682x772)

No no chapters, but Yotsuba did appear on a cover of a book. Seemed kind of cruel, but it's cute, so it balances out(?).
I'm actually interested in the book now.

460d8aed No.867

I don't know trustworthy it is going by the description. It's also a rip off social sciences text book.

fc758b0d No.872

It seems like it's just about H-Doujins and shit.

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