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1e3f2171 No.753

I've returned from Japan last night after a two-week vacation. I'd like to share a story of a strange occurrence in Akihabara that seems to be lifted directly out of Azumanga Daioh.

In the evening, I bought a wagyuu beef skewer from a stand on the street. I took a seat and was about to eat it, but I was interrupted by a passing gentleman who needed assistance with something. He began to speak to me, but unfortunately for him, I did not speak his language, but rather than find another person to help, he began to ask his question anyway.

He took a very long time to work out in English some request regarding poker, but as I was wholly unfamiliar with the game, I was unable to help him regardless of what his actual request was. After taking several minutes trying to explain the basic rules to me in the hopes that I would understand his trouble, I could only respond that I do not partake in gambling and that I could not help. It was only after several repeats of this awkward conversation loop that he turned away. At no point was I able to hazard a guess as to what he needed assistance with.

There is an upside, as the long length of that conversation was enough to cool my beef skewer. The homegrown beef easily justified its 1,000 yen premium.

On a final note, pictured is the biggest prize I collected from the UFO catchers, both in terms of size and money spent. It took me many, many more attempts than I am willing to admit to claim it.

4aa379b7 No.759

That really sounds like something out of a 4koma. Also I'm jealous, I want that it looks comfy.

Where did you go in Japan? I really want to go there on vacation.

96526cb0 No.760

/azu/ needs to plan a meet up in Japan. We can have the Azumanga experience; karaoke during white Christmas, go to Okinawa, take turns punching Ralen in the solar plexus, have a "graduation" and end with a trip to Wonderland - or orgy cosplaying as the girls, just throwing it out there.

94e75234 No.762

Sounds like you couldn't have given that man a thumbs up and a "Yaaay!" after your conversation. Bit of a shame. Also that's a cool pillow/plushie Danbo.

I'm planning on saving up to go to Tokyo in time for the 2020 Olyimpics. It'd be cool if there were any Azunymous to meet up with there.

96526cb0 No.763

I definitely plan on being there by then. If enough people can go we can get an Airbnb and not worry about booked hotels.
I went to Shinjuku last July for a vacation, too, but I missed a lot.

There should be more /azu/ meetups before then, though! The upcoming AX for example.

1e3f2171 No.764

I will write a more detailed report on my personal blog. In the meantime, I've posted photos from 1-15 June from the trip on Twitter. Note that I've configured my account to flag media as sensitive due to my affiliation with MangaGamer, but all of these photos are safe.

I plan on making another trip late next year with family.

56dc6758 No.780

File: 1467370144583.jpg (644.5 KB, 1627x1221)

should have known there might be other /azu/ people lurking in akiba. photo from june 10.

sorry to hear about the person who stayed in shinjuku, the only hole deeper than roppongi in tokyo.

d2bf8f8f No.781

^It was a fun experience, or at least interesting. The first thing I saw as I stepped out of the Godzilla hotel was a drunk girl in a pink wig sitting on the curb and an African dude grabbing and spanking his JP girlfriend's(?) ass out in the open. And that was all before 9a.m.! Reminded me of home, actually (L.A. based).
Energetic as hell at night, which I love. Lots of Chinese tourists, but I can slip in and out into pretty much whatever. Only regret is not having enough time for soaplands. And visiting Akiba too, I guess.
And Roppongi can fuck right off. Sounds like YouTube JVlogger land. I'd rather plan to stay in Osaka next time. Heard they really let loose compared to most Tokyo folks - though it was an overall lovely experience.

d2bf8f8f No.782

^Oh, and right now I'm at Anime Expo if anyone here wants to hook up for a drink or whatever. You can get in touch with me on Twit: @matty_125

898ffef4 No.785

File: 1467507030975.png (284.71 KB, 520x600)

What places in Japan do you guys recommend as a must go to?

ef637043 No.786

mt. fuji

5c3a1f39 No.1044

I've collected my tweets from my trip to Japan this June into a Twitter Moment. The tweets are presented in chronological order. https://twitter.com/i/moments/784807510758875138

96526cb0 No.1046

>Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!
Is your account private by any chance?

5c3a1f39 No.1049

It appears that Moments by users whose profiles are defined as containing sensitive media can only be seen by users who are logged in and request to see such media by default. I am required to mark my own account as containing sensitive media as I regularly post non-work-safe images. I apologize for the inconvenience.

The tweets are still visible in the link posted in >>764, though they are in reverse chronological order.

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