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516e6d92 No.752

Praise be to our Lord and Savior Geibuchan!

He died for our Dunkin Donuts and washed us of our siis.

and things

179b6431 No.770

File: 1467054877532.png (141.74 KB, 576x487)

Indeed I might have committed those heinous acts of villainy without realizing. As a reward for catching me, here's a top secret sneak peek to my upcoming project, originally released as a bitrate test!

Youtube's not gonna dilute the picture quality on this one, no sir!

ab5a6b32 No.772

Sadly now all I want is eggman and pete exchanging 'get a load of this'

6da8e6be No.831

File: 1470194915890.png (42.53 KB, 385x396)

On top of Giivasunner actually referencing Azumanga, they're talking about ME in the fugken comments and quoting my poops!
This is.. this is outta here!!

f59b2f5a No.835

File: 1470339441558.png (103.58 KB, 400x400)

I have never understood what this channel does. Remixes video game music?

Also woo good for you!

46745739 No.849

46745739 No.863

File: 1471536313512.jpg (373.24 KB, 848x662)

Hey Geibuchan, you've inspired me to (try) and make an Azumanga poop, but I am having trouble finding video files that are compatible with my movie maker.

What source do you use to make Azumanga poops?

6da8e6be No.864

File: 1471565301722.png (315.28 KB, 837x431)

>>863 I pretty much use mp4s for everything, more than likely when I download video files, they'll always save everything as mp4s by default, and they work perfectly in Premiere.

After some time, I wanted better quality episodes to work with, so I ripped the episodes from the dvds using Handbrake, the DVDs have no copyright protection whatsoever, so using DVD Decryptor beforehand wasn't necessary. It's a good thing I went with this option too since Kingrecords took down every youtube upload of the show, so not having the option isn't a big deal for me.
Of course, if you don't wish to go through the trouble of ripping them, you can simply download everything you need from KissAnime, now that they got better quality episodes. If you don't mind the wait, just right click the video and select "Save As".

46745739 No.869

File: 1471654986892.png (74.33 KB, 317x317)

I've heard good things about kissanime. I wonder how long it is before some silly copyright claim is put on them.

I currently prefer Windows (live) movie maker (Ya ya I know, basic stuff) but I see mp4s are supported, but I don't have Azu in mp4.

So I might take a trip to KissAnime when I get back from work.

Thanks for the advice btw!

6da8e6be No.870

File: 1471657106325.png (85.48 KB, 371x253)

>>869 You're welcome, though if paying for/pirating better software isn't an option, I'd personally recommend at least getting Windows Movie Maker 2.6 so you could at least have more effects and tricks to work with,
It's essentially the movie maker you'd get with Windows XP only retooled for newer computers, should be perfect for '06/'07 style poops.

bdcaec41 No.871

I thought they put their watermarks on it? Wouldn't it better to just get a release from https://bakabt.me/details.php?id=153146&page=2 and use handbrake to convert it?

46745739 No.899

File: 1472049872208.gif (706.33 KB, 364x189)

One more question, and I'll top pestering ya. Hopefully.

What video editor do you use? I ask because Windows Movie Maker just crashed on me, and I am kinda done with it, plus I wanted a different, possibly more complex, way of making poops. (Such as adding two audio files in sync, on separate stereo tracks, if this makes sense.)

Have some spazzing Yukari.

6da8e6be No.906

>>899 I honestly don't mind answering questions on here concerning development, but yeah, I use Adobe Premiere Elements 10. An outdated software, but I got it with a bundle with Photoshop Elements. They're essentially a tad limited compared to pro versions of both softwares, for example you can't change project settings in the middle of a project by normal means, but at 150 bucks for both of them as opposed to $800 for just Premiere Pro, you can kick just as much ass with just the elements version.

It works best if you got plenty of ram for it to frolic in, I only got 4 on this here laptop of mine, but it's carried things pretty well considering. Just remember to clean out temporary files when your done with your projects or it'll get sluggish as hell. Do not use Norton if you wish to get it, it'll sap away your ram and get in the way of progress.

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