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ee4edaa2 No.747

It has come to my attention that spam posts containing links to illegal material has been posted on this board over the last few days. Ralen has been expedient in deleting these posts as they have appeared, but the posts are currently ongoing. As I am out of the country and will not return until this Wednesday, I do not have the time to investigate these posts and take permanent action against them.

To protect the site and its users, I have enabled reCaptcha verification as a tentative measure until I return, which should mitigate spam of any kind. As I wrote in the introduction post, I have left it disabled until it became a necessity. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but please recall that these posts were responsible for the closure of the previous /azu/, and so I must ensure that it is not repeated. If you have any concerns and must reach me immediately, please send an e-mail to [email protected] Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

c019211a No.748

Wait, is that the reason Wakachan went down? I never found out why it spontaneously died.

c9f31cba No.749

It’s the same bots that infected 8chan, so maybe you’d be able to interface with the site owner and see what they know about it, too.

They don’t DO anything about it, mind–they don’t bother implementing permanent IP bans to stop it–but you could.

cb56bc41 No.750

I've banned the IPs of each post so far, but they always pop up again with a new one.

c9f31cba No.751

Have you noticed if they’re coming from a specific region? You could IP ban an entire nation if that was the case. The software also ought to know whether or not the IP is part of a proxy system and then just ban proxied IPs.

c972fac0 No.754

Most of the spam posts originated from the United States. I believe them to be coming from a botnet.

I've increased security on my domain's CloudFlare configuration, which may prevent such compromised machines from accessing the site. I've also updated vichan to version 5.1.2.

c972fac0 No.757

I've configured a keyword blacklist and several DNSBL blocklists as further protection against known sources of spam. I manually deleted a spam post minutes ago, so the previous measures were not sufficient.

If you are now unable to post due to the new spam protections, please contact the e-mail address in the first post with your IP address.

c80eee4b No.923

Despite increased anti-spam measures on my part, all attempts to completely eliminate spam posts containing links to illicit content have proven ineffective. I have re-enabled reCAPTCHA for the time being until I can determine another means to block spam links. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

973adcd7 No.936

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