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ca31c357 No.736

I found this on Amazon.

Is this an actual proper Blu-ray release of Azumanga? I know the original show was never made at 1080p or anything, so I'm not expecting a visual breakthrough, but it's great to see it come to BD.

If anyone can translate anything about the box itself or any of the preorder/first-run bonuses, I'd thank you. I'm actually considering importing this. Help me.

ca31c357 No.737

1e0cd070 No.738

Here's a (Japanese) news article about the release. It looks like it may be legit.

b6999710 No.739

What’s the point of a BD if it’s not HD? Just to have everything on one disc? There’s literally no other reason.

ca31c357 No.741

I don't know about Azumanga, but it may have been made at slightly higher than DVD quality and thus this could give us a bit more quality.

Alternatively, and again I'm no expert, but we could also potentially get a better "encoding" (may be using the wrong word here) of the same file with less artifacts, better colors/color balance, etc.

But you are right, this could be the literal same content from previous DVDs.

1e0cd070 No.742

Could be a re-encoding of the source data? The link I posted says it's in 1080p MPEG-4 format.

It also says the set is 6 discs: 5 Blu-ray discs of the episodes, plus an audio CD of the soundtrack (with full-length versions of the opening and ending songs), so that's potentially another incentive.

ca31c357 No.816

From what I can tell, these got released today. Hopefully some reviews pop up soon.

(and some rips would be great too)

ca31c357 No.885

Rips of the BDs are out. They look really nice. Hopefully someone can port the subs over from an existing release.


61ab7a96 No.888

Someone nice in the comments retimes EnterTheBlog and posted a mega link

61ab7a96 No.891

Here: https://mega.nz/#F!SAFWhZZA!5cqeK0MpBnzTwNK90OlBNA by WTS

Here's a comparison I found on AB
It looks like it's a slight improvement.

ca31c357 No.896

File: 1472007467338.gif (188.53 KB, 720x480)

Thank you based anons

61ab7a96 No.900

Your thanks should be directed to the person who took the time to retime the subs.

2e1b2eb3 No.903

I didn't look at the rips but from the comparison it just seems like a basic upscale. I wonder if you'd be able to tell the difference between that and just scaling the DVDs yourself.

16a1b2f2 No.905

The lower amount of compression artifacts on the BD is noticeable.

042636a3 No.912

Yeah as >>905 there are definite differences and it's not just a straight upscale since it doesn't have the artifacts the original has. I haven't checked but I hope no detail was lost in the BDs.

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