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merry christmas

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Merry Christmas /azu/!

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Fresh off the presses, here's a video I tried getting out in time for Christmas.
But I got sick of the song after a while, so I finished it off with a short Dedede youtube poop at the end to compensate.

e5672446 No.204

Thanks Geibuchan. You're the Geibuchanest.

c3f526bc No.205

How many Kaorin pictures did you cram in at 1.52?

accfb0ee No.208

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D'ahh I still got the project file right here, lemme check.

53. Some of those frames are simply cropped twice to fill up the space she gets hit for, like this one.

I pretty much dedicated an entire evening to finding all those, cept for the ones I drew.

90b643b4 No.2121

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4da882df No.2125

Yesterday was Santa's birthday, and for some reason I kept thinking about this board…
Probably because this depiction of Santa is the best I've seen.

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A relevant Azu panel, and indeed one of my favorite bits from the manga.

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