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7881a5b8 No.684

Yotsuba & Yoga.

The chapter numbers are confusing. The last one was numbered 91, and this one is numbered 90.

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Did Fuuka get a haircut?

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Azuma does a lot of the funny-looking side-mouths in this chapter, like Miss Stake's in the bottom right panel.

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I think this and the next page are supposed to be a single image.

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They're playing shiritori here, so I had to change most of the words.

I kept "Vikingman" though, since that seemed like the primary joke.

7881a5b8 No.695

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Azuma always does extremely thorough research for his chapters.

I wonder how much time he spent watching women in yoga classes for this one.

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Best line in the whole chapter.

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All I can think is "Super Mario."

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Fuuka could be mistaken for Koiwai here…

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That's all until next time. New chapter next month, if the blurb at the bottom is to be believed.

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ddaa7cdf No.709

Certainly confusing with Yotsuba mentioning the necklaces they made in chapter 91.

89a11ac9 No.710

It's kinda cute, isn't it?

Probably not as much as he had wanted to.

f9e538ef No.711

Also volume 13 (from Yen Press in the U.S.) is out too.

3e5626ce No.712

Imagine how awesome it would've been if the yoga teacher was Yomi out of college.

836c5bb7 No.713



7c0d0e71 No.714

Thanks as always ralen. got a download link for this?

dd1c08e9 No.715

Hi Ralen, I'm Royalblue from Sense Scans. Would you be interested in discussing some details with me so we can work out a joint of sorts for Yotsuba&! Our email is [email protected]
Thanks for your time!

7881a5b8 No.716

Unfortunately, the file was too big to upload to the board. I don't think the file type is supported by the new board software anyway.

Is your thought just that you could provide cleaned up scans for me to use in my translations, which you would then post on your website? I noticed the scans I got off Share this time were pretty dirty…

6d44ceee No.718

Perhaps, but I rather we work this out through email instead.

0821f318 No.719

I wish I'd kept this sort of flexibility. We're all born with it, but we lose it as muscles and tendons tighten or become more developed.

081cfed3 No.720

Thanks a lot Ralen as always.

b1118838 No.721

>>689 this is why we need feminism!!!

Thanks for the chapter, Rals.
I had wanted to see Fuuka with a more standard work-out outfit, like a tank top that shows off her muffin-top or yoga pants to outline her thick legs and ass. We couldn't even get sexy pit shots with Shimauu. We got feet shots but they look like shit. Damn, Azuma can't draw nipples or feet…
Great chapter, thouogh. 8/10

0e7e0d2d No.755

>Azuma can't draw nipples
When has he ever tried?

89a11ac9 No.758

He's drawn hentai in the old days. With nipples. Not very impressive nipples in my opinion, but it was quite a long time ago, maybe he has improved in the nipple department.

b1118838 No.761

Maybe it's just me, but the way he drew boobs looked lopsided, too. Azuma has a very odd vision of sexy naked woman, at least back in the day.

7ab5decf No.790

Wow, it's certainly been a long time I hadn't checked this. Got scared when waka wouldn't load.

I'm kinda missing Asagi, funny how she didn't tag along here, seems like the kind of girl who'd do it regularly.

2021a36a No.814

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a51d2697 No.854


She's not fat, though.

04b71002 No.857

File: 1471125008103.gif (67.29 KB, 400x427)

The title makes me think of Dhalsim playing with Yotsuba an co. Now that'd be a fun crossover

902e66c9 No.858

The implication being that yoga is why.

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