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0a0903a0 No.6698

When azumanga was the talk of the town did you ever buy the DVD?

fe857404 No.6700

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I wish I had, but no.
I used to buy anime on VHS and DVD, but not usually things like Azumanga. I bought things I could bring to gatherings, to watch with groups of people. Things like Azumanga you bring to a gathering and there's always some people that don't get it, and they ruin it for the rest.
Anime that I knew I'd watch alone I usually didn't buy.

I found that website archived, by the way. I don't know if exploring off-line sites is normal fun or just autistic, het I enjoy it. And the cupons don't seem to say "one per customer". As anyone that has worked at any kind of store knows, there's always an asshole that comes with several of those demanding things basically for free.

94a419a2 No.6702

I got a bootleg off of Amazon about… Geeze, 17 years ago.

67c0d560 No.6703

Paying for bootlegs must feel extra naughty.

8e8dca5f No.6704

I bought some anime dvds on clearance when the old dvd/entertainment stores were going out of business. remember those, before streaming? all the mainstream series were gone however so no azumanga.

a0ac3d7e No.6705

I bought the ADV thinpak from Borders back when both ADV and Borders were things.

e0caf572 No.6706

It was probably not very popular anymore when I bought them, but I got the ADV dvds from ebay.

7ef8e32e No.6708


I bought the boxes set way back when. I still have it, along with the original Omnibus volumes of the manga, before they redid them.

a0f6b241 No.6721


As much as it was temping i wouldn't dare by a azumanga bootleg. Unfortunately i had to sell my copy long ago so nowadays im just searching for a good copy.

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