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Heyo /azu/chan, I am writing today because I am in need of a helping hand.
I am a first year physics student at ICL and I have had a horrible first term, and have quite possibly failed my mechanics and relativity module already.
I've already comitted to a more rigid work-life balance to be more productive now, but I would like to ask for additional advice from the more life-experienced of you lot.


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Brief rundown of events:

>Mum sells our house and we move in with my Grandparents in our village at the end of August (this was the most responsible decision for our family, so I'm not complaining about this in particular)

>Move into London halls at beginning of October for University
>Initially it goes well, but I struggle to adapt to the pace of an urban lifestyle
>Third week in, Grandpa suddenly passes away
>Spend next four weeks bouncing back and forth between London and Grandma's house to help with funeral preparations and to comfort my family
>Also, dealing with real grief for the first time kills my motivation to work, eat, go outside or talk to people
>Extend virtually all of my assignments
>Get ill during last two weeks of term and miss practiacally all the content that consolidated the knowledge laid out before then
>Pull four all-nighters in last week to catch up with assignments (with sub-par performance)
>Prepared to work all holiday to catch up, however my Grandma falls and breaks her hip
>Spend winter holiday caring for her (again, not complaining, it wasn't her fault)
>Unable to work until last four days before exam week, so I completely flunk the exam
>Also have no time to contribute to group project, so will most likely be voted out of recieving any credit for it

If there's any of you who've recovered from similar pitfalls, I'd love to hear your input.


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First-year sucks for a lot of people myself included, during the pandemic we couldn't talk/meet with anyone in person unless they were on your floor in the dorms, so the big sad did occur
A lot of universities these days give accommodations for extenuating circumstances from family issues to mental health and I'm sure they could give you a second chance at your exam if you talk with an advisor, or ask your prof directly if there's something you can do about the group project, they're usually surprisingly understanding.
Stay strong, Anon

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Thank you, anon…

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