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41e6fb08 No.6680

does anybody have any azumanga 3d model lying around, capable of being inserted in either blender or mmd. i have zero knowledge of 3d but i want to mod guitar hero to have azumanga characters and i need a model

9c1b931e No.6681

i don't.

c2530f4b No.6683

File: 1673378611053.png (118.38 KB, 306x345)

There is a model of Osaka that Hotaryuso made (They're the Japanese artist with the azu art that is sometimes NSFW). But know that the model HAS NSFW FEATURES (Osaka is clothed but there are sliders and textures to lewd her, but you can obviously just not use them and it'll be PG).

It looks like they took down the download link but here's a temporary dl:

You could try to msg them asking about it. IIRC in one of the tweets they said they planned on making Tomo and Kagura models but it's been a year(?) since.

Maybe with enough attention they could find time and/or inspiration to work on them

2a876bb1 No.6684

Oooh, this is delicious! I didn't know he did that.

cdd2439f No.6690

File: 1674012417270.jpeg (123.54 KB, 899x1599)

Hey, speaking of 3D models, my sister gave me one of her 3D printers. I'm just learning to use it, though.

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27134c01 No.6709

File: 1674758207905.png (968.82 KB, 832x545)

If you got Koikatsu, you might be able to recreate the Kagura Yomi and Sakaki models that ジェットモンガロン from Pixiv made.

41faf2f3 No.6725

File: 1675206688158.png (381.89 KB, 275x789)

I tried.

4ba14fb9 No.6726

Step on me

15512b48 No.6727

File: 1675281282970.png (1.23 MB, 870x837)

Prepare to receive the step

f1c1712f No.6729

Lookin' good in them jeans.

Great detail on the shoe soles, by the way

42f87845 No.6730

File: 1675446300303.png (369.13 KB, 466x936)

Oh I can't take credit for the soles, I'm just trying to update the existing public models I found to make them look as close to that pixiv one

d3a94f66 No.6733

File: 1675602559964.png (509.59 KB, 889x502)

Now trying to edit the Tomo model but the hair and eyes still off

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