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66497358 No.6382

Untranslated interview of Azuma from 2006. A 2 page spread from the september issue of SWITCH, 2006. If someone on the board already had the scans then I'm gonna be piss myself ( ;^;)

1643b069 No.6383

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428043a8 No.6384

That's pretty amazing. Thanks!

de0228d6 No.6385

np! Watch how someone on the board 360 no scopes my bladder…

93b039a3 No.6386

Yotsuba is almost 20 years old, guys.

95a81539 No.6387

She's five.
Just kidding, I know what you mean.
Weird to think that this manga has been going on for two decades… when OP's interview was published, the manga was only 3 years old, and if someone had thought back then that the series was coming to an end, it wouldn't have been crazy.

2e45b3cc No.6388

>>6387 A! Before the interview was published people actually did think the series ended.

When the Tankōbon for volume 5 was released earlier the same year, the Obi (which is a strip of paper looped around japanese published books) had a line that read “The end of summer that never ends”. This made people think the manga actually ended; and it doesn't help the fact that Azuma years later stated that the beach chapter was a climax he had in mind when he started making the series, which imo does have a natural end to it.

Yotsubato also, at the time, was running for as long as Azumanga had. So there's that.
Then again, people said the same for volume 12's camping chapters so maybe we've always been contemplating the inevitable…

59fb18c0 No.6390

File: 1671297370983.jpg (71.98 KB, 720x720)

>the Obi (which is a strip of paper looped around japanese published books)
Those strips have a name? I guess I should have known, 'cause everything has a name. Your big toe is called "hallux", it's not just "big toe".
And I had no idea that even back then people were seeing signs of the series coming to an end. That makes me feel a bit better, since we're constantly seeing signs of it ending now, maybe we're as wrong today as people were in 2006.

daee1969 No.6401

They're named after (right down to using the same exact kanji) the sashes you tie around your waist while wearing a kimono or yukata.

fe495cc7 No.6404

Oh, that's cute!

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