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0928c23b No.6280

So theres this really beautiful trans girl on discord, and we've gotten super attached. She told me she wants me to come and live with her, but I'm 18, and she wants us to be NEET hikkis together. I'm still young so i think i could.. im sure my parents wouldn't mind, since they couldn't legally tell me not to go… the plane ticket is pretty cheap, only about $190 US since its a low season.
(Oh yeah, she's 32, and likes to rave and take speed drugs ><)

77f66931 No.6281

Dude, she will be 40, when you will be 26.

b0cce3c3 No.6283

a7d4118a No.6284

Don't do it. Do not do it.
There are so many red flags there, I don’t know where to start (she being trans isn't one of them, before someone calls me a transphobe). Still, you thought that her being trans was a detail worth mentioning, which raises some questions.
Her age, your age, the fact that her project with you is being a NEET, the fact thta she does drugs… I mean, ask yourself this: if someone else asked you the exact same, would your advise be "sure, that sounds good, go do it"?

f9292749 No.6285

File: 1668786757193.jpg (179.31 KB, 512x512)

Sounds fake and gay. I would suggest staying home, stop using discord for personal hookups and cut out soy protein from your diet to become clear headed and super human like I. (There are warnings on the back for soy because it's an allergen.)

14620707 No.6286

Yeah, the age difference is a huge red flag. Don't do it. As someone in my 30s I would never consider living with someone 14 years younger than me.

edcafea2 No.6287

>fake and gay
okay mister debooonker, we'll see who's faking when I put the selfie of us on the discord. Timestampped to hell too

dcbbb23d No.6288

azumanga daioh

5ebeba4e No.6289

guys be honest, its not like she'll kill me.

18db338a No.6290

a little thing we put together, she made the picture on it uwu

e875cf8d No.6291

Two NEETS living together? How will you sustain yourselves? Looks like a flawless plan.

9013fb4f No.6292

Well, i was actually planning to work a little… we're figuring it out as we go.

d1d341d8 No.6293

Anon, I wouldn't trust anyone who edits Hebrew Kingdom Hearts lore as an engagement in my house, let alone live with them. Just stay home and collect unemployment checks. And keep posting here Azumamga Daioh relevant PLEASE!

18890b69 No.6295

More red flags. Do not end up supporting this woman.

d260839e No.6297

>I'm 18
young. get a job and meet someone at work.

da5d53fe No.6299

What do you mean "work a little"? Working full time nowadays is barely enough to support a single person. If you're taking important decisions based on pure improvisation, you're not gonna end well.

1d785e3c No.6315

File: 1669577749780.png (106.51 KB, 640x640)

>TRANS girl
So you don't consider her to be a real woman, azunon???

c3d20799 No.6318

I know this is a joke/bait, but for people who may legitimately not be clear on the concept, "trans" is a perfectly acceptable modifier. Just as you might say "a tall girl" or "a white girl," you can also say "a trans girl" (or "a cis girl").

Just remember, it's a modifier, not a separate word. "Trans woman," not "transwoman."

135cb762 No.6319

File: 1669654879856.jpg (60.14 KB, 640x480)

This lady sounds deranged and this sounds like a Final Fantasy House situation. Don't fucking do it.

a6a9ca26 No.6320

Ralen, you're way too tolerant for a man in your position

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