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(It will make you love the franchise even more!)

3d84e3f6 No.6272

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:Spoiler alert: but, having Chiyo at number 2 was a ballsy choice I respect

3c5b0fa8 No.6274

File: 1668474075239.gif (1.22 MB, 336x498)

Too fuckin' good!

I'm glad I started watching OneyPlays, or else I wouldn't have gotten the reference. 10/10

eb8f98fc No.6296

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>Yukari higher than Nyamo

I don't know how to feel about that but I'm glad he used the hd version of these pics even though he uses jpegs throughout the rest. Priorities.

89f4ec0a No.6301

>I don't know how to feel about that
The whole thing is a joke, so you should feel like laughing. DOn't take it seriously.

But if you wanna think about it, then consider this: Yukari is lazy, so her muscles aren't firm and toned. Kurosawa is a PE teacher, so her muscles are tight and delightful.
Therefore, Yukari has an inferior ass.

630d10df No.6309

Got my glass of orange juice ready

ee8dafab No.6310

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If only we could see her take wing…

c3781ff5 No.6313

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Is the creator of the original vid OK? Does his heart beat still?

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