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1aec71c1 No.5488

If you can't beat them, join them. Right?

1aec71c1 No.5489

File: 1661142353191.png (834.23 KB, 1000x1398)

1aec71c1 No.5491

File: 1661143027532.png (179.33 KB, 339x833)

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File: 1661147449989.jpg (435.12 KB, 1194x834)

1aec71c1 No.5493

File: 1661147896006.jpg (300.71 KB, 750x1004)

f4dbbffc No.5494

I lol'd.

9433392c No.5495

>meet real interpol agents!
Good one.

b10491d8 No.5496

Should’ve saved that line for the Tomo image.
>Very silly hats, hiccups, & sneezes
Oh, I’m sad now. I want a girl like that.

d17bd1e0 No.5497

>>Very silly hats, hiccups, & sneezes
>Oh, I’m sad now. I want a girl like that.

I check 2 out of 3 boxes… but my hiccups and sneezes are nowhere near as precious as Osaka's.

1ac1c932 No.5498

File: 1661274122750.jpg (228.04 KB, 640x480)

>my hiccups and sneezes are nowhere near as precious as Osaka's
Well, you're comparing yourself to the best, that's an unfair standard. Only babies have cuter hiccups than Osaka.
As for the hats, I saw once some teens in the subway wearing dad hats, and they looked cute and I felt like taking a picture but then I didn't because people could have thought I was just being creepy.

I'm glad I don't get hiccups, and I wish I didn't have allergies that make me sneeze.

41a65058 No.5501

File: 1661356832084.png (363.23 KB, 1115x732)

This is some great stuff, dude. Love a bit of culture

59493544 No.5503

>Hawaii boobies
Should have been Yomi smh.
Unless there's a different joke I'm missing.

3a1fe32e No.5506

File: 1661404341846.jpg (16.98 KB, 496x310)

No, you're right. I totally messed it up.
Yomi is Hawaii, Sakaki is America, I got it wrong. I guess Yomi is also Puerto Rico, in a sense? Because it's not an American state, but you can see it's absolute territory.

But hey, it doesn't matter. Those creepy pictures that get spammed get stuff wrong too. In fact, they ARE wrong, so the parody works even better with mistakes.

Oh, by the way, someone asked in another thread if those spammers are robots that have databases of IBs, and that could be the case because I saw the same ones that get posted here in 8kun (which is what's left of the original Infinite Chan and gets no movement).

38df7762 No.5521

Hawai'i is a state, azun

3316314b No.5522

Yeah, I know Hawaii a state. That's why I said Yomi probably shouldn't be Hawaii, it makes more sense for her to be a territory. 'Cause check out that Absolute Territory.

5461452e No.5523

ah yes, indeed.

4b97c090 No.5525

is the fbi still pedoposting or is it just this KKK stuff now.
honestly i was about to start sending complaints about the CP to senators/governors, i guess now that theres more scrutiny on the fbi theyre pulling back a little.

9728f630 No.5526

What scrutiny? They’ll do anything they damn well please without repercussion, ever. The three letters are above any law, anywhere on Earth. And yeah, the spam still gets posted here. Ralen’s just good about getting rid of it.

b98d0d99 No.5529

File: 1662150493465.png (498.74 KB, 1378x1378)

>Ralen’s just good about getting rid of it.

True dat. Great job Ralen!

c6a171b7 No.5549

I wonder what people on 4chan will think if these get posted there. Will they follow the links?

5cc7d018 No.5551

Without the context of the joke, they may get mad.

283b9d3f No.5552

You know, that's fair. I mean our url is a bit of a trip honestly. Not much different than them pixiv bots. Ehyuck!

a5d4dadf No.5585

File: 1663625159609.jpg (94.85 KB, 632x471)

From what I've heard from some victims it seems to be a fishing scam for pay to view instant messaging. My source says it's Slavs but, I don't want to point fingers. Happening all over pixiv and many such examples. I just wonder why they'd choose a place like this, in any case we're going to have to wait until these idgets get bored.

5c86b5d5 No.5590

>I just wonder why they'd choose a place like this
Low traffic boards have a higher probability of the post remaining up for a longer period (fewer honest eyes to see and report/delete it). That increases turnaround, because then they can just point to the image’s direct link hosted here, rather than having to pay to host it themselves. Spammers of this kind also attack more active websites, but they’ll run bots to chart activity first and then only post during hours when they can confirm the moderators are asleep. I’ve seen it many times over the decades. Sometimes they get good enough that they start posting mere minutes after they know a moderator went to bed for the night.

6403f93f No.5591

File: 1663857094523.jpg (92.55 KB, 988x980)

Goodness gravy. We're sitting ducks!

fdc35438 No.5614

File: 1664839036944.png (220.02 KB, 598x558)

Best girl will protect this board from the evil bots

6f1e38ac No.5616

Kagura is best girl

66d407b7 No.5617

They're all the best girl.

89386fd9 No.5618

File: 1664914191869.png (403.95 KB, 344x613)

She will kick the bots in the botsticles

94f4b41a No.5620

Kagura is the perfect human being.

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