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So at Azuma's typical rate of release, they'll finally get to the hiking trip in about 5 years.

25c98d71 No.5254

5 year Mountain training arc lests go!

b6f1ac3d No.5259

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Thanks for the TL, Ralen!

164774aa No.5260

So cute! Thanks Ralen!

fb714be7 No.5261

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thank you for your translation!
for me, it will always be chapter 115
t. Old School count

also, Nichijou reference

fda68a40 No.5262

Huh, interesting, because the daily special she tells Jumbo is saba (mackerel) which was the other half of that joke in Nichijou.

baf71f6a No.5263

just like Christmas and your birthday, it only comes once a year, wow. thanx.

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