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c7657be0 No.4868

Several of the previous chapters were consolidated for the paperback collection, so this chapter's number is back down to 105.

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To be continued 12/25.

9d4282a3 No.4883

Thanks Ralen :)

8c78378f No.4885

Thank you for the translation, Ralen!

73e2ab3f No.4887

Is it just me or is Yostuba's entrance here super dramatic in the way that it's paneled? The whole landscape page leading up to it and then the slow pan up to reveal her. Maybe it's a nod to how long it's been since we've seen her manga

c326e429 No.4888

Awesome, next we're gonna see Yotsuba decorating the tree! It's gonna be so cute.
From the thumbnail I thought the weird boy was Miura.

045a15e5 No.4889

I forgot how well done are Ralen's translations, there's a big jump in quality from the other one, filled with literal translations and "translator's notes", sometimes I didn't even understand what they wanted to say.
This one feels so much more natural. Thanks Ralen!

f751e155 No.4890

File: 1638733778867.jpg (298.45 KB, 1207x621)

This can't be a coincidence.
These characters are basically the same: awkward, strange, but willing to share cool information, and can't blink.

1452abb9 No.4892

For example, on page 3 of the other one, the first panel made me think that Koharuko had an unspoken habit of kicking cardboard boxes when she saw them and was being admonished for this.

f75a251d No.4893

I have to be honest, I don't totally know what Koharuko and her coworker were talking about when she said she wanted "something brown," but I can only guess that it's a way of saying she wants something hearty rather than something light.

72231c11 No.4894


Any chance of a, ZIP file version? I've waiting for the quality checked version.

80b7f270 No.4896

bda1e430 No.4899

This fuckin rules. Thanks!

f75a251d No.4900

Maybe it’s one of those cultural attributions to something more abstract. We say “greenhorn” in English speaking countries, but Japan uses blue to mean the same thing.

325d5857 No.4934

Thanks for the translation Ralen! Merry Christmas!

dae22c08 No.4939

This. Thanks for the translation, and Merry Christmas!

a8e09ce0 No.4951

thanks!! merry christmas!

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