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51acb956 No.4829

Yotsuba&! Chapter 105 part 1 (Not Ralen)

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gera gera is just laughing noises.

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File: 1637997097119.jpg (1.04 MB, 1336x1920)

she says helicopter wrong, it's not a typo.

bcfb6f00 No.4848

Very nice

86af4c20 No.4849

I didn't expect this, I didn't know they announced a new chapter.
But well, we've waited for what, 11 months? And all we got is Koharuko talking about Christmas trees and Yotsuba riding a bike and looking at clouds.

f8896a28 No.4853

not just any clouds man, motherfucking SHEEP CLOUDS

8acd2fe8 No.4856

File: 1638198169301.jpg (146.3 KB, 640x427)

What an awkward little boy. Cool trivia though.
I wonder if Yotsuba is gonna learn the names of clouds now that show knows they have names.

e1025880 No.4857

New favourite character is now spergo cloudboi

0d5eb08f No.4858

It's a Christmas miracle! Also it's really nostalgic to see Azuma drawing workplace ladies again. I'm sure Yotsuba chapters would come out a lot faster if he had made these characters first since that's what he knows but, it probably wouldn't be as wholesome and more cynical.

e8d72569 No.4859

woah, what a nice early x-mas present!

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