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Does anyone approve of the ease of access of the digital copies of physical media on the internet, especially of anime-related ones. It seems that anyone these days can just casually download or torrent any media they want without even thinking of buying its physical equivalent. What are the possible implication of casuals discovering certain stuff for niche communities like this one where they can go after knowing these stuff. I would like to hear your insights about this, especially from the veterans.

0e9e8ac4 No.4513

it's good. a community gets old and dies without new blood, as this one could perhaps be said to be doing.
the fact is that younger people typically aren't going to be seeking out older material, and content platforms don't go out of their way to promote older material, so it needs all the help it can get. anyone who goes out of their way to appreciate older works should be welcomed with open arms.

7cdabca7 No.4514

I see your point. So as long as newcomers appreciate certain works, then its community will be fine then. And they could share more stuff and even their own fanworks, making the community more active and livelier.

80badf16 No.4519

Hi, I am the anon who made this thread to know your insights about sharing anime-related media and to decide for myself if I should share my Azumanga Daioh scans but apparently the guy I commissioned to scan them uploaded them already in a file sharing website.

So I guess I should just provide the link for one of the scans:
e-hentai (dot) org/g/1944393/8a33dd8b1c/

I also had the same guy scan some other Azumanga Daioh stuff so maybe just check his uploads for the next several weeks in the same website, if he decides to upload them again.

I also requested to have the unedited raw scans so just ask if anybody wants to have a copy.

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This stuff is amazingly rare and HD! Thank you so much!

9e71842e No.4566

UPDATE: It's been about a month since the guy I commissioned received the last book I requested and he had them all scanned as of yesterday. Unfortunately, he has not been able to edit the rest due to work reasons and he might deliver the edited images after two weeks or longer.
So while waiting for the edited ones, I'll post the cover of the unedited scans so that anyone would know what to expect.

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