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Might as well start up some character threads.

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realistic nose art version

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Why is she so stressed out?

Is she under a deadline to get that done?

74ed4bfa No.1456

Oh Gods, I just had a vision of Gordon Ramsey belittling the Azu girls as they cook frantically in a competition.

"Oi, this is not sata-andagi, you knucklehead, it is shitty-andagi! Now try again!"

2e40363a No.1458

Yukari and Gordon bellow "Get it together!" in unison after the fourth failed attempt. The two exchange looks, and after a beat, Gordon shouts "Get it together!" at Yukari, and the competition resumes.

fe970132 No.1459

Then Osaka tells her "grains of truth" pun, then Gordon smashes a bag of them against her head. Raspberry Heaven starts ending and the credits play.

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Fatso? Dude, she's the supreme being of THICC delight.

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I remember a time when I used to check Pixiv daily for new fanart to save and/or post here.
I realized this morning, I can't remember the last time I did that…

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