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82c31f86 No.4366

New chapter, new thread.
12 pages this time! And it's actually pretty funny in my opinion.

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Chika's overalls are so cute.

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Miu lays it on thick.

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Did… did Miu just fart on Ana?

17d9ac16 No.4376

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I don't understand Miu's reaction here. I thought maybe she saw something as she walked in the room, but there's nothing on the next page.

Is this some kind of reference?

17d9ac16 No.4377

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And that's all until next time! New issue on 4/27 according to the note at the bottom.

3706c6f6 No.4378

Thanks Ralen!!

a56f55ad No.4380

after all this time….i had lost ALL HOPE…sniff sniff sniff sniff…cry
hugs ralen…thanx

e742d1bd No.4383

FOr some reason my IPs have been blocked, so I'm using a VPN now just to say thanks. Fun chapter.

b9b6154f No.4385

Are you able to send an unban request?

Every time someone posts porn I ban and delete, but they must be using VPNs or spoofing IPs or something, because one time I ended up blocking my own IP. I couldn't find any way to unblock them unless a ban removal request had been submitted, and then I was able to lift it from there.

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>I ended up blocking my own IP
That's funny.
Hey, guess what, the problem seems to be fixed now. I couldn't post for weeks because of it. It was probably my internet provider's fault, it happened to me with other sites too.
>Did… did Miu just fart on Ana?
Miu's a tiny terrorist, I'm not too shocked. It's not the first time she uses farts to annoy. Remember this scene?
Damn, this chapter was funny.
Don't lose hope. The quality is even improving, in my opinion.

73bff50c No.4444

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8 pages this time, and the continuation/conclusion(?) of the fortune telling chapter.

The first words Miyu says are "Fun'yara Hon'yara," which seems to just be nonsense, so I translated it as "Abracadabra."

The second part, "Zubi-zuba" looks like it originates from the song lyrics in this video.

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That's all until next time!

9d95871c No.4452

wooohoo a new IM chapter and its full 8 pages and it's actually pretty good! thnx ralen!

afcc260e No.4562

edbef86a No.4564

There's supposed to be a new issue this month, but I haven't seen the raws yet.

4772362c No.4578

Just got the raws, but it'll be a few days before I can get to translating them. Probably not until next weekend at the earliest.

dfc4b4f4 No.4581

But, no sure why these comic no at other comic website

7d05c22f No.4609

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8 pages this time. I admittedly got lazy with the sound effects and cleaning, but hopefully the humor still works.

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All this time the key to getting around the flood detection was to login as a mod before posting…

7d05c22f No.4616

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That's all until next time!
New issue 8/27 according to the note.

1819f77c No.4617

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Thanks Ralen!

d24becd2 No.4706

Thank you!!

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