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New chapter, new thread.
12 pages this time! And it's actually pretty funny in my opinion.
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1c80a714 No.4989

Er, yes, my uh, tummy…

ecb8a2d3 No.4992

>Do Ana-chan's shorts give anyone else a funny feeling in their tummy?
That's not your tummy, dude.

ee6d33e6 No.4993

Moe bladder?

1c80a714 No.4994

I want to give Ana-chan a funny feeling in her tummy

db2d8bd5 No.4996

are they continuing the series or is this that thing he does where he releases chapters every Christmas or something.

also are you guys getting weird spam lately?

1b339f27 No.4997

The series is still ongoing, and updates are now more regular than Yotsuba.

The board has been getting spammed a lot lately, but I do my best to keep it clean. It seems to die down when there's more activity.

71df9d52 No.5039

how will little bastard child miu get out of this sticky situation this time?

5e7674c4 No.5040

Last time she didn't, remember? She just annoyed everynyan in Heaven and Hell, and then woke up. This time I bet it'll be similar.

b4f94114 No.5041

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted the new translation yet. I got the raws last week but haven't had a chance to sit down and work on them yet.

70610e39 No.5056

damn you to hell!

6f2eee9f No.5058

How dare you!

5bcfacc9 No.5059


fc40b7b6 No.5060


d1a3624b No.5061

Go stand in the hallway.

213ab7ae No.5098

586e0349 No.5100

What's your problem?

d8bdfa37 No.5109

File: 1646585752111.jpg (423.36 KB, 1426x2048)

Sorry about the delay, thanks for being patient you guys!

d8bdfa37 No.5110

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TL notes for new readers to the series who may be unfamiliar

b4f94114 No.5114

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d8bdfa37 No.5116

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That's all until next time!
Which is actually this time. I don't have the raws for the April 2022 issue yet…

211a86bf No.5122

File: 1647021656888.jpg (384.37 KB, 1334x1401)

This is beyond cute.
Thanks, Ralen! Great job!

Ha ha, go fuck yourself.

09adb9c2 No.5124

Cool, a new chapter and I'm only a week late to it!

4041bcae No.5125

Just got the raws for the April issue. Should be able to have that translated this weekend at the latest.

Only 4 pages this time, but we get to see Chika, I mean Sasaki-san in her cute oni outfit.

21b5fdb9 No.5126

>Sasaki-san in her cute oni outfit
Heck yeah, that's always the best.

3e22a40f No.5127

the middle transformation looks the same as old miu, just smaller.. maybe he isn't used to drawing 5 year olds

cfd0d556 No.5131

what exactly happened to him?

d1a3624b No.5132

There were speculations about his health for a while, but from his twitter account he has a young son, so I'm guessing he just got married and had kids…

88bd6980 No.5135

File: 1647739669466.jpg (482.36 KB, 1426x2048)

New issue and what looks like the conclusion to this chapter.

88bd6980 No.5136

File: 1647739679637.jpg (371.82 KB, 1426x2048)

88bd6980 No.5137

File: 1647739711863.jpg (345.2 KB, 1426x2048)

88bd6980 No.5138

File: 1647739735227.jpg (478.32 KB, 1426x2048)

That's all until next time!

fa0603ef No.5139

Thanks Ralen! Really cute chapter.

f34dfede No.5181

I can't believe how much the quality of Barasui's work has improved.

Thanks, Ralen! You rock!

7e4789e5 No.5194

Whoa, after several years I just remembered I loved these girls, and so I googled "iichan /azu/ ralen" to find the latest and here I am. Thanks Ralen, you're the best

0aac87bb No.5198

Sounds to me like you have some catching up to do, then.

e5c9d601 No.5215

File: 1650734365623.jpg (454.73 KB, 1426x2048)

I finally got the new chapter translated. 4 pages this time.
The sports festival isn't over yet!

e5c9d601 No.5216

File: 1650734381224.jpg (380.15 KB, 1426x2048)

e5c9d601 No.5217

File: 1650734425562.jpg (453.71 KB, 1426x2048)

1205e025 No.5218

File: 1650734488546.jpg (453.88 KB, 1426x2048)

That's all until next time! Next issue drops 4/27.

a1c2e31e No.5220

Is it just me, or is Miu getting taller and everybody else too?

889d2802 No.5222

File: 1650817472031.jpg (63.09 KB, 720x452)

>that only happens in manga
She meant it only happens in Azumanga.

2c5e263f No.5233

i measured in ms paint and compared it to previous panels.
he legs in the final panel are 1.2 times the length of her body, as opposed to a nearly 1/1 ratio in previous panels. so her legs grew by almost 20%

00089bb8 No.5237

And yet her chest is as flat as ever…

3e3a0afd No.5238

File: 1651287653851.jpg (131.94 KB, 1331x441)

Miu is destined to for ever have a DFC, and that's the way I like it.
Speaking of DLC, these little oni lolis are cuties. Too bad we won't see them again, and I bet Barasui didn't even give them names,

2e1bd10b No.5264

Yes, I noticed them too. Very cute indeed.

c05241d4 No.5269

They're just part of Enma-sama's harem.

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