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2aabbdc4 No.4345

is Nyanbo! also welcome here? I like it, it's so much fun and, believe me or not, it's aesthetic as hell.

920dabec No.4346

I haven't watched a lot of it, but I really liked how well they blended 3D animation with live action.

0a46fd86 No.4347

A Nyanbo is fine too.

I watched the first episode or two when it came out, and it was cute, but I never made the time to watch all of them.

65ff831a No.4350

but it's like 5 minutes per episode, you should try it if you find time
beautifully done

also: Yotsuba-chan. Animated

2f6a137c No.4351

Oh, does she make an appearance in the series? I may need to revisit it…

6aff42ae No.4353

She's in the ending, that's it.

9a7f3215 No.4355

File: 1616882909665.gif (207.82 KB, 373x434)

yes, it's just few seconds, but it'll probably be the only time we see her in an anime

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7d06edcd No.4381

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