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I first watched Azumanga Daioh when I was like, 13, ten years ago. I first heard of it because I was reading 4chan's FAQ and it mentioned Yotsuba, and I looked that up and found Azumanga too. I recognized some of the characters from 4chan so I watched it all, 360p english dub on youtube lol.

Anyway I havent watched much anime in a while so I decided to rewatch the anime and reread the manga. I've been googling around and finding about stuff I didn't know before, like the 10th anniversery bonus chapters, or the revised art in the manga. Sorry I don't have any new interesting pictures to contribute, I just wanted to make a thread and I'm happy that there's still people out there who like talking about it.

I relate to this pic of Osaka a lot. This is my attitude toward forgetting things. Also it's suripsingly lucid dialog from her. I love moments like that.

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Must have been nice, huh? Yo find out there are extra chapters, and that the whole thing got re-drawn, and the supplementary lessons. Azumanga is just too influential, so even if we don't see ever again something like that, it will live for ever anyway.

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