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2bb683c7 No.4226

Ive been wondering /azu/; With the rise of 15.ai and other TTS projects, would it be possible to do something similar that would allow us to make chiyo swear? Would it even be something worth perusing?

71981ae1 No.4230

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>that would allow us to make chiyo swear
Absolutely vile

c9b380a3 No.4231

Chiyo, no. But it would be worthwhile to finally hear Nyamo's "educating" talk from the 2nd summer vacation

55f180e2 No.4232

from what I understand it needs to have a bunch of clean audio clips of the characters voice, it doesn't work right when there's music or other noise. if you gather enough of chiyo talking then maybe it's possible to feed it to the algorithm for it to work
I bet bet there's also the problem of copyright

57cc10c0 No.4233

Please do not make Chiyo swear.

2019baed No.4234

File: 1613597213900.gif (869.95 KB, 483x483)

Im tempted to gather all the chiyo samples

de345ed8 No.4237

Ahaha, I'm laughing just thinking of this idea. TTS doesn't work properly across languages, so you'll have to make Chiyo swear in Japanese or use her English VA.

08f08663 No.4238

good meme

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