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c8b91989 No.421

The chapters for volume 13 were reorganized, which is why there's an apparent jump from 89 to 91.

Previously the "Grandma" chapters were split up into 3.
86: Yotsuba & Grandma
87: Yotsuba & Cleaning
88: Yotsuba & The Black Monster

In volume 13 now they're split into 4.
86: Yotsuba & Souvenirs (this was also the title of chapter 15)
87: Yotsuba & Cleaning
88: Yotsuba & Grandma
89: Yotsuba & The Black Monster

c8b91989 No.422

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c8b91989 No.423

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Cute new outfit. I wonder if it's one of the ones Grandma bought her when they went shopping together.

c8b91989 No.424

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c8b91989 No.425

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5 years old, and Yotsuba has already mastered the gentle let down.

c8b91989 No.432

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Obligatory "My precious…"

c8b91989 No.433

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c8b91989 No.435

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You look fabulous, Koiwai.

c8b91989 No.436

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The mandatory time limit between posts is starting to get frustrating…
The last error I got said my post looked "automated."

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c8b91989 No.438

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That's all until next month.

ce6c8445 No.439

Automated, huh… Always thought there was something fishy about you…

bc3ab1ec No.440

download link?

84de1141 No.441

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fantastbic job heer aeeuh two fourty im half aslp bye

9139cff6 No.443

9139cff6 No.444

Thanks for the chapter Ralen.

c8b91989 No.445

I was going to post a .rar file, but it looks like the new board doesn't support that format (or anything that isn't an image).

bc3ab1ec No.446

File: 1457449933015.png (136.59 KB, 411x371)

I love you Ralen. Thanks for your hard work :)

e1cf9f3a No.449

I've reduced the flood time limit from 10 seconds to 4 seconds and relaxed the conditions for spam detection. Let me know if you continue to experience issues with posting consecutive images.

ab333aaa No.451

Thanks for the hard work as always. I wasn't even aware that wakachan is ded, but i'm glad to see that this board has been reincarnated. Anyways, thanks again.

329eafc9 No.477

Thx Ralen and Admin.,

38f4972c No.529

File: 1458776849172.jpg (316.76 KB, 835x1200)

Due to the recent numbering change, I decided to browse through the Japanese book of volume 13 to compare to Ralen's translations and found a page which may or may not be translated at all. Or at the very least I don't have a copy of it. It's in the 87th chapter in the book.

c8b91989 No.530

File: 1458781666448.jpg (353.41 KB, 855x1200)

It looks like it's just a couple of panels added to the top of this page.

Referring to the double ribbons on Duralumin:
Yotsuba: "That's Grandma! You have a great sense of style!"
Yotsuba: "Daddy has no sense of style… fashion-wise…"
Grandma: "Ohhh…"

38f4972c No.532

Yeah, that page has been removed entirely from the book and replace with the one I posted.

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