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59349ca4 No.4116

I'm going to be lazy and just post the link here instead of posting one page at a time. I don't have much commentary this time anyway.

Our little girl is growing up…


bfd8ac89 No.4117

File: 1609412855553.jpg (481.2 KB, 1426x2048)

I'll do it. :)

Thanks Ralen!

bfd8ac89 No.4118

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(Flood detected!)

bfd8ac89 No.4120

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(Flood: an overflowing of a large amount of water beyond its normal confines, especially over what is normally dry land.)

bfd8ac89 No.4121

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("Rose burst into such a flood of tears and sobs as I had never seen.")

bfd8ac89 No.4122

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bfd8ac89 No.4123

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(Acara controls tomorrow, terrible when and elegance stands.)

bfd8ac89 No.4124

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(Neopoints feels 0 their Buzz leaps unwittingly declines, tiny air.)

bfd8ac89 No.4125

File: 1609413192512.jpg (645.76 KB, 1426x2048)

("You will totally forget a Cement Mixer at the Battle Magic Shop.")

bfd8ac89 No.4126

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(Once a mystery, this land reappeared in Neopia after a thousand-year absence. It has a rich and heroic history… and a really exciting sports tournament!)

bfd8ac89 No.4127

File: 1609413307089.jpg (583.91 KB, 1426x2048)

(This kingdom borders Meridell and is known for its brilliant scholars, stained glass, and delicious fruit. Brightvale Castle, home of King Hagan, is truly a beacon of wisdom, set among lush, green meadows.)

bfd8ac89 No.4128

File: 1609413328962.jpg (568.25 KB, 1426x2048)

(A giant castle on the ground, full of games, puzzles, and faeries galore. Poogle Races take place every 15 minutes! Also check out the secret hidden tower… if you can find it!)

bfd8ac89 No.4129

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(The spooky Halloween land! Who knows what evil lurks within these environs? Read scary stories, embark on chilling quests, and beware the beast that lurks behind the tree…)

bfd8ac89 No.4130

File: 1609413362535.jpg (614.98 KB, 1426x2048)

(You wouldn't know it at first glance, but an entire community of Kikos resides below Kiko Lake's surface, which was formed within the caldera of a long-dormant volcano. If you can't hold your breath for very long, a glass bottom boat tour may be in order.)

bfd8ac89 No.4131

File: 1609413398564.jpg (629.83 KB, 1426x2048)

(This small island off the southern coast of Mystery Island is inhabited by pirates. Visit Krawk Island for exciting games, buried treasure, a great restaurant, and a swashbuckling academy!)

bfd8ac89 No.4132

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(Neopia's moon! This giant chunk of space rock is where Dr. Sloth originally found the Grundos, and some of them live there still. Kreludor is famous for its rare Kreludan metal, a mineral essential for construction of evil robots.)

bfd8ac89 No.4133

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(This beautiful island is home to Neopia's Lutaris, and is a paradise of brilliant feathers and sparkling pools.)

bfd8ac89 No.4134

File: 1609413456483.jpg (525.75 KB, 1426x2048)

(After the whirlpool destroyed the original city, King Kelpbeard set about rebuilding something even more splendid, with a strong army to protect it from attackers. But, the pirates found out…)

bfd8ac89 No.4135

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(A medieval land from the past, Meridell was discovered by a group of unlikely adventurers. Visit Meridell for great games (mostly involving vegetables), faerie quests, bullseye, Mortog kissing, puzzles and much more!)

bfd8ac89 No.4136

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(Deep in the core of Neopia lies Moltara, a land of glowing lava flows and strange steam-powered contraptions. Unbeknownst to most of Neopia until Y11, Moltarans have lived alongside the searing magma for many years.)

bfd8ac89 No.4137

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(Kick back and relax at the Mystery Island. With cool games, shops, a trading post, a tour, and even a training school, it is a fantastic place for you and your pet to visit. Watch out for the cannibals!)

bfd8ac89 No.4139

File: 1609413563047.jpg (588.76 KB, 1426x2048)

(Neopia Central is the bustling hub of activity in Neopia, and houses the main cluster of shops. If you're looking for a certain item, there's a good chance you'll find it in Neopia Central!)

bfd8ac89 No.4140

File: 1609413578269.jpg (193.24 KB, 1426x2048)

(There's no better place to be if you love bouncing, games of chance, and Blumaroos! Every day is a holiday on Roo Island, and today is no exception. Just beware of inhabitants who only venture out at night!)

bfd8ac89 No.4141

File: 1609413610265.jpg (711.07 KB, 1426x2048)

(Visit this beautiful and exotic empire of flying ships, Lunar Festivals, and mystical wisdom. Marvel at the beauty of Shenkuu's buildings, which are perched on mountaintops among glistening waterfalls.)

bfd8ac89 No.4142

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(Three lands in one! Firstly, you can go to Happy Valley, a snowy hamlet at the foot of the mountain, then traverse your way through the Ice Caves, and lastly to the peak of Terror Mountain itself!)

bfd8ac89 No.4143

File: 1609413640735.jpg (581.54 KB, 1426x2048)

bfd8ac89 No.4144

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(Brucey B accidentally discovered the Lost Desert when chasing his lucky coin! Find rich and exotic foods and curious Petpets, explore the cities of Sakhmet and Qasala, and play Tug-O-War with the locals!)

bfd8ac89 No.4145

File: 1609413681387.jpg (394.92 KB, 1426x2048)

(This prehistoric Neopian land was once miles beneath the Ice Caves… Go there for dung furniture, evil pterodactyls, rock concerts, and of course a giant omelette!)

bfd8ac89 No.4146

File: 1609413705587.jpg (554.42 KB, 1426x2048)

(Evil Dr. Sloth has plans to turn all the Neopets in Neopia into his mutant slaves! Go to the Space Station and help thwart his evil plans! There are also games to play, things to buy, and much much more…)

bfd8ac89 No.4147

File: 1609413722734.jpg (424.2 KB, 1426x2048)

The end!

839e5d2d No.4148


4b8d6e54 No.4149

File: 1609420172503.png (128.91 KB, 420x388)

this chapter brings all the feels

8a068d8d No.4151

File: 1609430288633.jpg (534.78 KB, 1426x2048)

Ugh, thanks for finding that.
Here's the corrected page, and I've updated the mediafire file too. The download link is still the same.

eae22a1e No.4152

File: 1609434944523.jpg (540.94 KB, 1035x1600)

Thanks Ralen for the translation as always, and e for porting it!
This sure was an emotional chapter, it's not very often that we see backstory like this time, also I don't remember the last time we had a 30 page chapter.
Went to check about the flashback, I suspected it was from "Yotsuba & Camping", so I went to confirm it. Not only they're wearing the same clothes, but as a matter of facts, Yotsuba calls him "daddy! daddy!" in that evry same scene. Some foreshadowing if I saw one.

7b26a1fb No.4153

Thanks as always, Ralen.

5b6c8950 No.4154

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557eb137 No.4156

Ralen, thanks for this. Like, you don't know how much I appreciate this.

e21b16c3 No.4157

"When Yotsuba was still a baby" I guess that changes a lot of interpretations but, I do wonder if we'll ever know how Koiwai came to care for Yotsuba! Considering how grounded but, fantastical Kiyohiko Azuma's connected worlds are Chiyo's father could have left Yotsuba on his doorstep for all we know.

867e9d76 No.4158

He actually says, "When she was like a baby," but that sounds weird in English, and since he described her starting to walk and talk, I figured "baby" was close enough.

eae22a1e No.4162

File: 1609497469516.jpg (42.49 KB, 255x538)

I really love Fuuka in this chapter with her dorky clothes and her big sister attitude.

c3c60769 No.4163

Cried right along with Koiwai. Not ashamed.
Fuuka is, by almost every metric, Yotsuba's mother at this point. Think about it

bfd8ac89 No.4164

6cd13eda No.4171

File: 1609704311015.jpeg (25.35 KB, 499x357)

me too, Koiwai, me too.

b89f1001 No.4173

File: 1609944721297.jpg (127.95 KB, 674x800)

Almost had me crying like a bitch
I wish I'll have as good of a relationship with my kids, if I ever have any.

18ed64ec No.4174

Fuuka, careful with the sexist comments! You will get cancelled!

5f8d4318 No.4176

Thanks, Ralen.
Fuuka is so adorable in her caring for Yotsuba. Her dynamic with Koiwai feels like a romance-bait.
Wow. Young Koiwai looks like AU!Howl, doesn't he?

1ba539fa No.4179

That was fantastic, thanks for the translation Ralen! I wish I spent more time on here than I do.

0fa6b91d No.4180

I can't wait for his mom to ask about this much younger girlfriend of his….

d49f85b5 No.4181

Hey, I'm pretty sure 17 is very legal in Japan. Besides, isn't Yousuke pretty young too?

f3c98411 No.4184

So this series will be ending soon, then? It definitely feels that way.

d49f85b5 No.4185

May not. It feels that way, but the fact is, no one knows.

9fcb3cb9 No.4186

With the emotional tone of this chapter, it seems my longstanding prediction is going to be true. The end of the last chapter will be Yotsuba waving goodbye as she runs off to her first day of school.

bae8687e No.4187

Even if it didn't at the current rate we'd die of old age before first grade.

241250d9 No.4189

with all the talk about yotsuba going to school and the manga ending, I found a very interesting interview with azuma where he talks exactly about that: https://mangabrog.wordpress.com/tag/kiyohiko-azuma/
hopefully I'm not reposting it

e314eb4a No.4191

>It’d take over ten more years [from 2015], and this series is not going to make it that far.
End is nigh! Everyone panic!

480f0a96 No.4192

i think he could change his ideas easily. he even says he doesn't see the series as a "family" series, just yots plus whatever but lately i think there are hints of parent/child bonding that is shown here and there.

then again he doesn't seem all that interested in thinking ahead that far anyway. azudai just perfectly ended the way it started.

9d0eea45 No.4194

That was quite interesting. Thanks for posting.
Thanks Ralen as always for the TL.

4b3b22dc No.4195

File: 1611262195879.png (28.28 KB, 160x255)


a32f907a No.5311

cbb01755 No.5313

I don't wanna see Yotsuba& end either. What should we do?

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