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File: 1608854707445.png (365.32 KB, 480x270)

773464df No.4091

y'all could you reply to this with yotsuba and azumanga christmas images? that would be swag cause I'm a semi-new yotsuba fan

59b86b95 No.4094

File: 1608875417990.png (165.78 KB, 400x400)

Merry Christmas!
Can't post what I was going to post, because I apparently already posted it 4 years ago >>1260

59b86b95 No.4095

File: 1608875451596.jpg (33.72 KB, 492x475)

Here's hoping the bag is full of more Yotsuba chapters.

59b86b95 No.4096

File: 1608875492456.jpg (310.31 KB, 1280x785)

bigger version of this pic

59b86b95 No.4097

File: 1608875560868.jpg (495.12 KB, 1600x1200)

couple yotsuba pics

59b86b95 No.4098

File: 1608875578233.jpg (54.22 KB, 576x803)

72ef0ac4 No.4101

an even bigger res of that image
(can't post it natively because i get an error trying to post)

cff69c90 No.4109

File: 1609262551657.jpg (247.95 KB, 1928x1429)

A little late, but here you go. A belated merry Christmas to all of /azu/.

ec825ad7 No.4201

File: 1611461994265.jpg (1.2 MB, 3840x2355)

even bigger version

795a8050 No.4202

Tomo has a crippled right hand.

821977d1 No.4203

I always wondered about that myself, and then recently someone posted the original of that image in the Discord (which of course I can't find now).

That's where the seam between the 2 page spread was, so part of the image is missing where the seam was photoshopped out.

9664eff0 No.4207

Now that you point that out, if you follow that line up and down you'll find flaws in the photoshop in a lot of places that are just less obvious because it's not things you'd focus on.

f3650c5c No.4213

File: 1612155173986.png (342.46 KB, 1978x2048)

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