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9fd7f4a2 No.4058

Okay, so do you remember the episode where Osaka thinks breaking chopsticks is a worthy accomplishment? As a westerner, I have devised a new system that is not yet applicable to easterners. L-R 1. Godly luck. Tab is fully in tact. Not broken at all. 2. Okay luck. Tab is broken, but still partially intact. 3. Bad luck, retainer is attached to can. 4. Horrible luck, tab has ripped off part of can. Anyone else have this thought before?

58dd66c9 No.4059

I used to compulsively collect can tabs when I was little, but I always just went for L-3 because in my mind that was their natural state.

3558b478 No.4060

File: 1607966741074.jpg (27.57 KB, 600x450)

though I never understood rubbing chopsticks against each other, though it's still a comfy feeling

dc9b2a0a No.4061

I got godly luck on a can of beans last night, but it meant I had to resort to using a can opener.

a5dbe3b8 No.4063

It's to get rid of splinters. That's also why it's offensive to do it in a restaurant, because it implies their chopsticks are low quality.

2d11d298 No.4068

me too

i definitely just do it under the table (metaphorically and literally)

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