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e93eb2c5 No.3988

I mentioned once before about creating a Discord server as an alternate meeting place, or possibly a future replacement for this board if it ever goes away.

Is anyone actually interested in something like that? I figured it's better to go ahead and set something up sooner rather than later, so people will know where to find it if this board ever unexpectedly goes down.

7d1ae7d0 No.3989

Sure. Sounds good.

74358a10 No.3990

I have never used Discord, but sure, for this I will.

101251ad No.3991

yes. That'd be good.

95ada903 No.3994

wouldn't that defeat the purpose of this site?

455148b4 No.3995

I like this idea.

1c2149ff No.3996

I use Discord and have always enjoyed coming to this site, so sure I'll join a server if one is made.

4fdf5042 No.3997

Okay, let's see if I did this right.

Can anyone access this?

7d1ae7d0 No.3998

Worked for me!

0c2e697a No.3999

just joined! yay! great idea :)

6a1ae710 No.4002

The invite is invalid/expired

8fd378b7 No.4004

Ugh, I didn't realize they only last 24 hours.

Okay, I changed the settings for this link so it won't expire (hopefully).

7a2cfdbe No.4008

File: 1606770534356.png (17.6 KB, 468x350)

8cd57540 No.4009

9c314d72 No.4017

I don't use Discord, but it's best to have a prearranged spot just in case. We've already had one sudden death of the board.

b39f0c49 No.4019

I feel like the Discord is already starting to careen out of control…
I should probably assign a moderator or two.
I'm thinking Chileanon and… I don't know who else is here is an oldtimer. Cats?

I haven't spent any time figuring out how to set up/manage a Discord Server.

1d18cc19 No.4020

File: 1606934330833.png (27.89 KB, 168x94)

What the fuck is with the guy spamming this image?

50341d23 No.4021

File: 1606943301607.jpg (137.37 KB, 805x604)

I'm no fan of websites that haven't been around for 5-10 years personally. Either way if anything does happen in the future, us Azu fans always have a way of finding each other on any website and can plan for new hubs there. It's always nice to have archives saved up though but, that costs money sometimes.

950285f0 No.4022

Zero interest in discord, sorry. I would update yotsuba.moe to point to wherever, in case this place goes down, but don't really have any way to get contacted. I do idle on IRC (Rizon), but I don't really keep up with that any more either.

8075e780 No.4024

I agree that there should be somewhere to go in case this place goes down, but I really don't think Discord is the right choice here.
A big part of /azu/'s charm and history is lost if it's not an imageboard.

e93eb2c5 No.4027

I don't disagree. I only chose Discord because it was free and took 0 knowledge or effort to set up.

I also thought a change in format might not be a bad thing, since the board seems to have so little traffic these days.

c937b865 No.4028

I don't wanna promise anything because I never use Discord, I don't know if I can actually act as a proper moderator, but I think for this I can un-boomer myself, at least for long enough so I can figure it out.
Gonna get there later today.

b39f0c49 No.4031

Don't sweat it too much, I'm still not sure how this Discord thing is going to play out.
It doesn't have to be a permanent home, but at the least I figured it can be a good (free) place people can go for updates or regroup if this board ever goes down unexpectedly.

c937b865 No.4032

Well, I did check it out yesterday and seems fun. Reminds me of the old /azu IBs, with the silly posts and random humor.
>at the least I figured it can be a good (free) place people can go for updates or regroup if this board ever goes down
I like your proactive approach.

8ca3915f No.4037

how about #/azu/ on rizon?

3043c31d No.4038

I expect it wouldn't be a place to go instead of here, in that case, but a place to find others until something new gets set up.

101251ad No.4056

Just a heads up, the discord is a little more organized and a little less of a clusterfuck now, so maybe give it another look if you initially wrote it off.

1d004043 No.4080

File: 1608679343027.jpg (36.5 KB, 512x384)

857907eb No.4105

Please don't replace this place with discord, I am begging you!!

e6279316 No.4108

>so people will know where to find it if this board ever unexpectedly goes down.

857907eb No.4115

What I am afraid of is that discord will slowly replace this place even if it doesn't go down. :(

e93eb2c5 No.4150

If it's all the same group of people, what's the difference?

Honestly, the Discord has been more lively than this place has been in months. It's free to join and doesn't require any kind of download (unless you're using mobile) so why not give it a try? I understand new things are intimidating, but it's really not that bad.
My elderly neighbor got her first smartphone a couple of weeks ago (after years of holding out due to being intimidated by technology), and she's figuring it out much faster than she thought she could. 2020 is the Year of Change!

e417c635 No.4155

File: 1609464767440.jpg (38.56 KB, 845x634)

its fun :D

857907eb No.4172

This is what I think every time I hear about discord:

"I'm too old for this shit."

bcac6225 No.4200

File: 1611455131273.png (1.69 MB, 1448x2048)

I thought people just didn't post here often because they're afraid of breaking the archive with too many posts. Honestly this place is more like a tidy fanclub so it wouldn't hurt to have an extra place to take the heat.

e3261847 No.4400

kill myself

59468ed7 No.4418

Does the server really need a dedicated channel for each and every character in Azumanga? I'm in /azu/ mostly for Yotsuba and I kinda feel out of place.

b6a9ed4e No.4419

It doesn't need one, but I was trying to keep the images and discussion a little more organized. It was also a lot crazier when the server first opened. It's pretty quiet there most of the time now.

Feel free to discuss Yotsuba in the general channel.

fe368880 No.4560

Is there any way to become a mod? Like of this forum? I check here everyday and see "some stuff" that should probably be deleted.

ad71077d No.4574

Yeah, same. I always ban the IPs, but it doesn't make any difference.

If you see anything, you can send me a DM in discord and I'll get a notification on my phone. I usually only check this board once a day though.

0c225fed No.4575

I assume then that you don't get reports submitted with the form at the bottom of the page?
I'm not >>4560 but I usually check here a couple times a day, and always report but stuff still stays up for a few hours or more sometimes.
I did pop on to discord last time and mentioned it in whatever the default channel was, literally never used it before but it was just as cancerous as I expected, however as long as registration isn't required then I don't mind doing that to report.

4d834e92 No.4576

Yeah, I don't get any kind of notification when a report is submitted to this board. I can only see them from the dashboard once I log in.
The only control I really have here is to delete/sticky posts and ban/unban IPs.

I get Discord notifications on my phone when someone DMs me, so I'm more likely to see one of those sooner.

It feels like this stuff keeps popping up every day despite the fact that I always ban the IPs. I assume they're probably using VPNs or something so the bans aren't really doing any good.

I'm not sure what else to do to curb it.

655ba98d No.4629

You could ban all external links and text formatting that LOOKS like links. Alternatively, just keep a running document of the URLs they use and ban just those strings of text. It will mean banning all bit.ly links, but those aren’t strictly necessary here anyway.

Also there’s more CP up right now. Cheers, Ralen.

10051d10 No.4633

Those are all great ideas, but unfortunately I don't really have control over any of that stuff…
I can sticky and delete posts, and I can ban/unban IPs, and that's about it.

8fbc79cd No.4733

File: 1634353458856.jpeg (137.45 KB, 1440x1080)

idk but add me i just finished azumanga and it was very good
pyon pyon#0079

42fe31e2 No.4777

File: 1635891367579.gif (105.05 KB, 282x284)

IRC or bust

ff18af34 No.4952

I really like this board but why is it so inactive? Are all you guys on that server or what?

4cac3a21 No.4953

That server is pretty inactive too. There's just not much to say when there's no new chapters.

a170d14a No.4955

A pity. Thanks for your answer though.

96ce9569 No.5505

That invite is invalid now too.

a2bdee93 No.6172

despite it's low activity, i sincerely hope this place never disappears. luv u all

87eb722a No.6191

Haii is the invite still there, i forgot to ask before

0b521928 No.6198

I thought I set the last invite link to never expire, but it shows it's invalid for some reason…

I just made a new link, hopefully this one will stay valid.


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