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a7f5c0b7 No.3956

So I recently had two very distinct, very odd Azumanga Daioh dreams the other night, and I was wondering if /azu/ would be interested in hearing about them?

One was a quest to save mostly rare Azumanga merch from my old high school before the nuclear apocalypse and store it in a disaster proof vault so humanity could know Azumanga even in the end-times.

The other was pretty kinky and sexual in nature (Osaka and watersports) so that one I might not be able to post.

What do you think?

e35f30ad No.3957

File: 1605908145912.jpg (134.84 KB, 1440x1080)

>save mostly rare Azumanga merch from my old high school
Why were they in your old high school?
Just weird dream connections, or did you actually see Azumanga merch there?

I say those are very cool dreams. Funny how the pieces of human culture you thought were important to save were related to Azumanga. Imagine if all human culture were lost except for Azumanga, and future civilizations found it. What fucked up religions would develop from it?

6126a2ec No.3958

Yeha dude. I kinda wanna hear the dream, maybe not the Osaka water sports but.

34f416c1 No.3959

Please post. I never remember my dreams.

fb2d7894 No.3962

OK, I'll go ahead and detail my "Saving Azumanga from the apocalypse" dream, and if anyone wants the Osaka watersports dream I can maybe link it or something. I thought it was pretty sexy myself, and it even had a bit of NTR.

So my dream begins somewhere in the lobby of my school, and as the first nuke launches via a notification on my cell-phone, I have little time to rescue Azumanga and preserve its existence.

I race down to the bottom floor (My school now had like 100 floors going down into the earth? Would I make it in time)and along the way I enter each room and shove Azumanga dvd's, figurines, and original hand-drawn cels into a Master Chief-themed duffel bag. I thew out a Spartan armor to make space for Azumanga.

It's more important.

64bed976 No.3963

File: 1606009448879.jpg (523.26 KB, 1100x1034)

I would like to hear, I personally remember having a dream where osaka shot me with a desert eagle

1eb8bbc8 No.3964

File: 1606010437888.png (201.58 KB, 700x827)

is this the azumanga dream thread? I like hearing about dreams, they can be so varied. Earlier this year I had a dream that stuck to me. I was running around a big trench complex delivering crates. I knew there was going to be a big battle or something, there was an air of sadness to the place. there were other people there too and I kept finding the azumanga girls getting ready for combat. I ran into osaka and managed to talk to her, and begged to change places so she could escape. but she refused and said it was ok and there was nothing to be done about it. it was such a weird feeling hearing that. then I woke up
you got your priorities in order, azumanga merch IS important!

7981e827 No.3965

File: 1606012919015.png (300.94 KB, 820x916)

> and if anyone wants the Osaka watersports dream I can maybe link it or something. I thought it was pretty sexy myself, and it even had a bit of NTR.
Californian detected

541231bc No.3966

File: 1606086210932.gif (678.55 KB, 710x540)

Funny that this thread is so recent because I just checked this board after I had a dream that a new Yotsuba chapter was out. All I remember is that I saw the raws somewhere and I woke up feeling an intense pressure to rush here and check if Ralen had gotten to them, so here I am.
Needless to say I am kind of let down…

4cad8830 No.3968

You can't tease us with watersports and not post it.

1c45f8ff No.3970

File: 1606220084439.gif (660.89 KB, 568x640)

please do not pee on osaka

7dbef657 No.3982

oh that's what watersports mean. I thought osaka went to a pool or water park or something

cec2af98 No.4069

Azunymous baited us loyal fans with an Osaka watersports dream story and never posted it. Scandalous, outrageous, I shant rest until I know every juicy detail.

582321cf No.4070

Nah, Anonymous posted it, but I removed it for being too hot for TV.

c707f627 No.4074

Had a dream this night that starred yukari, the fbi, tomo, and agent smith from the matrix.

So yukari was doing regular school things when she hears a knock on the door. She opens and in front of her are 5 FBI Agents who tell her "If you don't archive the world smith will get us all"

So she tells tomo to come along and they proceed to rob every computer store for hard drives while agent smith tries to stop the two of them.

Wish i could see what happens next but i woke up.

0c6dcfff No.4077

File: 1608570956678.jpg (114.79 KB, 1440x1080)

[Spoiler] i tried posting this the other day but captcha or the site wouldn't let me so a third time is maybe a charm [/Spoiler]
i just now notcied the default name is Azunymous not Anonymous

dac79351 No.4110

File: 1609270356901.jpg (25.53 KB, 736x552)

I had an odd Azumanga related dream a while ago.
I was invited to Chiyo's house to use her bathroom. (I don't remember why, I think the reason was that mine was broken.) I was let in and she took me to it right away, the door was normal person sized but when I opened it, it was TINY (in the dream I was my full height of 6'4) inside. Chiyo then commented on the size.
Chiyo:Oh! (or あ! if you prefer) this is my old bathroom that I outgrew, but it's the perfect size for Mr. Tadakichi!
She closes the door and we begin to walk towards her normal bathroom, but I'm distracted by some kind of (I don't fully remember this part) background gag involving Osaka and when I turn back to say something to Chiyo, all I see is… Those eyes (pic related) up close and in my face. Almost like a screamer if you know what that is.
Then I wake up.

0a90bdd4 No.4111

File: 1609271495869.gif (7.14 KB, 200x104)

But there was a new chapter, your dream was just a early premonition that was a month off.

582321cf No.4112

That dream sounds as though Azuma himself could have written it.

e35f30ad No.4113

Have you ever had a dream that, that, um, that you had, uh, that you had to, you could, you do, you wit, you wa, you could do so, you do you could, you want, you wanted him to do you so much you could do anything?

7981e827 No.4114

>you wanted him to do you so much
That depends on who "him" is wink

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