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ef704f58 No.3943

I think Yanda is a jerk.

bd655fce No.3944

… I mean, you're not wrong

5e55dadf No.3945

Stop making threads Yotsuba, you aren't 18 yet.

79f361f4 No.3946

File: 1604719081345.jpg (146.54 KB, 803x994)

>Yotsuba, you aren't 18 yet.
She's 22, actually…
Damn, I feel old.

And yes, OP, Yanda is a total jerk. Childish and annoying, a total slacker going nowhere. Jumbo on the other hand, he's a real man.

98abb8a0 No.3948

To overcome these flaws, Yanda just needs to surrey to his feelings for his Senpai and become Koiwai's uke. Yusuke, the mellow but strong-willed guy, will definitely whip his young admirer into shape.

98abb8a0 No.3949

Autocorrect, you heartless bitch.

5e55dadf No.3950

Sure is Yotsuba in this thread.

736ddecc No.3951

lanky yotsu a cute

343bfa31 No.3952

File: 1605132205734.jpg (891.39 KB, 1024x1804)

I wish Yanda was real so I could punch him in the face. For instance, I would have punched Yanda in the face here. Have you ever wanted to punch Yanda in the face?

79f361f4 No.3953

File: 1605319706524.jpg (201.57 KB, 728x654)

>Have you ever wanted to punch Yanda in the face?
I'm totally against violence, but I understand this desire and temptation you speak of. I know the point of Yanda is that he's as childish as Ena and Miura and even Yotsuba, and in that role he's funny and effective, so I don't get as mad as I should.
It's a good thing that he's handsome, otherwise he wouldn't survive.

149eed3f No.3960

Yanda upset Miura, like- what's his problem.

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