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b7829641 No.3850

Maybe it's just me, but this feels like one of the best/funniest chapters I've read in a while. Lots of plot development, too.


22570448 No.3851

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b7829641 No.3852

File: 1601750216861.jpg (463.6 KB, 1426x2048)

I opted to leave Yotsuba's handwriting intact for her picture book and put the translations in the margins.

Her book sounds uncharacteristically girly…

b7829641 No.3853

File: 1601750242022.jpg (385.13 KB, 1426x2048)

This seems more in character.

b7829641 No.3854

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b7829641 No.3855

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Inspirobot quote: "Pleasure is to break what others find unbreakable."

b7829641 No.3856

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b7829641 No.3857

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It's great to see the Ayase family again!

b7829641 No.3858

File: 1601750397817.jpg (416.72 KB, 1426x2048)

When did Fuuka become the comedic punching bag?

b7829641 No.3859

File: 1601750503526.jpg (584.79 KB, 1426x2048)

I love how her mom finds a reason to kick her out of the house as soon as she mentions how much she's enjoying having a day off.

b7829641 No.3860

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b7829641 No.3861

File: 1601750603055.jpg (467.43 KB, 1426x2048)

Inspirobot quote: "Revisiting pain is important in order to laugh as though nothing affects you."

22570448 No.3862

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b7829641 No.3863

File: 1601750660862.jpg (482.46 KB, 1426x2048)

This is brilliant. My girlfriend would love this place.

b7829641 No.3864

File: 1601750707279.jpg (497.69 KB, 1426x2048)

Yotsuba's drawing has improved significantly since the start of the series.

b7829641 No.3865

File: 1601750743573.jpg (472.69 KB, 1426x2048)

I would pay to see it.

b7829641 No.3866

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b7829641 No.3867

File: 1601750827991.jpg (501.5 KB, 1426x2048)

I have no idea what Fuuka's talking about.

I imagine some people are into designer backpacks for kids, but I can't see Yotsuba caring much about fashion.

b7829641 No.3868

File: 1601750849447.jpg (438.9 KB, 1426x2048)

b7829641 No.3869

File: 1601750888779.jpg (496.39 KB, 1426x2048)

That's all until next time.

New chapter on 10/27 according to the note at the bottom, but we'll see, as always…

d99c426c No.3870

Thank you.

d99c426c No.3871

Was this intentional? Raws said Fuuka like always.

0940fb41 No.3872

File: 1601759453283.jpg (418.14 KB, 1426x2048)

Sorry, that was a typo. Thanks for catching it.

I've updated the file in the mediafire link at the top of the thread.

ff111b1b No.3874

I've noticed that Yotsuba! always uses actual brand names while other mangas use obfuscated names

0940fb41 No.3875

File: 1601771607921.png (156.02 KB, 410x418)

Arigato Ralen-san.

f70e0d82 No.3877

That was a nice one, I loved it.
Thanks again, Ralen.

aa69121c No.3880

Thank you very much Ralen! kinda surprising how they just dropped that Yotsuba is about to start school.

>When did Fuuka become the comedic punching bag?

I think when she got stuck in the window of Koiwai's bathroom.

>I've noticed that Yotsuba! always uses actual brand names while other mangas use obfuscated names
I've noticed that since the beginning, like how Jumbo always had a Renault Kangoo, and Koiwai would eventually get a Mini from her sister.
Reminds me of Captain Tsubasa, in the manga they used real world football teams, while in the anime adaptations they would change them. For example when Tsubasa joins F.C. Barcelona, they would call it "Catalunya F.C" in the anime.

e8a3b84e No.3881

I noticed this while I was translating, but completely forgot to mention it when I was posting.

It looks like Fuuka had a birthday at some point, and we missed it.

c7a3719e No.3891

It's a bit weird that in-universe it has passed more than four months since the first chapter, yet no one among the cast has celebrated his\her birthday.

35d395f2 No.3893

It's sad to think that Yotsuba is going to be going to school in just over 4 months. The series and characters mellowed out from their original zaniness as it went on, but never lost it's coziness.
There was an Anon who posted about what he thought would be the last chapter, with Yotsuba leaving home to go to school by herself. Who knows if that's how the story actually ends. We're so far away from that happening and there's no way of knowing what's in Azuma's head, but it certainly feels that way. As much as I'd like to ride out the waves made by Yotsuba&, I know that they'll eventually have to meet the shoreline and let me off. I just hope for more like it to follow.

93002106 No.3896

Wow, it actually released!

And yes, this is a heads over shoulders improvement over the haircut chapter last time.

033b8443 No.3897

Maybe Yotsuba doesn't care, but dad is the most fashionable motherfucker around. He'll be damned before he lets her bring an unfashionable backpack to school, just you wait and see!

14999251 No.3899

>tfw yotsuba&! has to end at some point

b7829641 No.3900

All things are temporary. Be here now. Today is always the most enjoyable day.

0fcc892f No.3901

This was super cute. As always. Excited for part 2! Thanks Ralen!

bbefb66f No.3904

Does anybody understand what do they mean by Fuuka going with grass?

c6b145f5 No.3905

See here: >>3735

c6b145f5 No.3906

>four months
Shouldn’t it be more like six or seven now? It’s interesting how the Ayases have shifted from a tiny TV to a much larger one, and Ena specifically has upgraded from a DS to an iPad (in this perpetual time-shifting world). I think Asagi is even playing a PS5 in this chapter, so that’s Azuma just future-proofing for once.

e8a3b84e No.3907

>I think Asagi is even playing a PS5
I thought that was an X-Box controller the first time, but now I think it might be a Switch controller.

I don't remember exactly what point in time the series started, but I know it was summer, so without spending time to double check, I know it was around July to early August.

ec8a4648 No.3910

File: 1602535862189.jpg (140.92 KB, 960x480)

I like that azuma subtly upgrades their phone and tv and stuff. he could very well just leave it in the 2000's, but having it exist in our current time adds a sense of familiarity or something

fb5fe15b No.3913

First chapter was either the last or second to last day of the school year. I forget when that is for Japan. Either way, over a decade for half a year or so.

4dd989b8 No.3916

Thank you, Ralen!

9ea49867 No.3935

Honestly, this may be my favorite chapter so far. Yotsuba's book is just too fucking cute, I hope they sell them eventually.
You know they may, and you know you'll buy them if they do.

16f934a4 No.3939

File: 1603921020700.png (145.55 KB, 841x1200)

Yotsuba's always been a good artist

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