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Something seems to be amiss with the old Ichigo Mashimaro thread in >>3238. I can't expand the thread or open it to make replies for some reason.

Here's the latest issue of IM. 4 pages, which is about standard.

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I wouldn't have figured out this gag if not for Ana's comment on the next page.

Miu is mimicking the Japanese map symbol for a power plant.


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I don't really get the "pineapple" remark. Is it like pineapple on pizza?

Miu's remark about "A hole" is a Japanese idiom, "A flower on a high peak" (meaning something beautiful and unattainable) but she replaces "hana" (flower) with "ana" (hole).

That's all until next time.

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Matsuri is such an angel…

How is this an insult, though?
Is Miu a racist against her own?

b1298579 No.3787

Thanks Ralen.
I guess we'll wait a year for another four pages.

cb00c6a9 No.3788

I'm willing to wait. Ichigo Mashimaro is improving in quality, for a while it was mediocre, and I prefer few and short chapters as long as they're good.

Oh, and Ralen, you snuck in a shakespearean reference there! Nice.

2bb7ed75 No.3790

It's an insult because Ana is self conscious of how fluent and knowledgeable she is concerning Japanese culture, while barely being able to string 2 English words together, despite living in England until she was 5.

01d3ce1f No.3791

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Oh yeah, I forgot. Damn, Miu know where to strike.
Makes sense, Miu is better at causing pain. Ana's insults are weird, though.

What's with the UFO accusation, and the pineapple thing?

67c5bf98 No.3792

It's weird, because I can see this thread but the posts only go up to December of last year.,

912a6769 No.3793

Damn, Miu has a potty mouth.

9a7139bb No.3803

Thanks, Ralen, as always!

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