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File: 1457371020886.jpg (66.38 KB, 807x567)

Found this on the same blog I found >>304 on.

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File: 1457371138362.jpg (92.35 KB, 806x576)

Same I think, it's been a while since then.

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File: 1457371877115.png (238.87 KB, 640x480)

I got all of Yukari's Donjara Daioh photos too.

Here's photo numbuh 1, where can be found the only amount of underboob in any official artwork the series has to offer.

Of course, given the general safe, down to earth nature of the franchise, you wouldn't really go around looking for that in any official artwork.

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File: 1457372041479.png (221.65 KB, 640x480)

Photo numbuh 2.

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File: 1457372223357.png (263.43 KB, 640x480)

I remember seeing this ending photo here and there too.

69fd9a9a No.401

It's so small, it makes me wonder why they even included it.

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File: 1457405049003.png (422.15 KB, 640x480)

>>401 Now I wanna make a video where the girls discover that photo and react to it the same way they did with Marco. Even going so far to sentence mix them all into saying "underboob" in unison instead of "kitten". I always liked how chiyo just goes "HEEE'S SO TIINEEE" after that in the dub.

Nyamo time. Here she enjoys a good morning read.

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File: 1457405155173.png (453.5 KB, 640x480)

Pic 2. These look so much better than a good lot of Yukari's photos.

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File: 1457405281174.png (331.01 KB, 640x480)

Third chorus. Y'all seen this one before. She still don't look too happy in those bloomers.

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File: 1457405599722.png (444.5 KB, 640x480)

Here come Kimura's photos. This first one's actually pretty cool.

Cue the sunset music. https://youtu.be/0w_RM0yQGZ0?t=15s

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File: 1457405748243.png (416.77 KB, 640x480)

Movement 2. He photobombs one of Kaorin's photos. This is the only time Chihiro appears in the game.

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File: 1457405954387.png (229 KB, 640x480)

Ending. They're into cosplay, folks!

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File: 1458633508383.png (168.19 KB, 643x900)

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File: 1458645294145.png (338.39 KB, 560x564)

The only "interaction" between the Teachers and Dad himself, at least AFAIK.

This could have been fun to see. Maybe in the 20th anniversary Azuma might sketch something.

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File: 1458645904036.png (341.33 KB, 1077x1663)

Yukari as Eiffel 65's Jeffrey Jey.

f9a4ec5a No.521

It's so weird to think that's coming up in only 2 years

e9180f6a No.522

The mental image of Yukari singing Blue Da Ba Dee at the top of her lungs is hilarious.

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File: 1458750323823.png (271.4 KB, 1263x1531)

Agreed 100%. Hence why this exists. =)

Here's Nyamo as Gabry Ponte.

597805d2 No.525

File: 1458750380957.png (184.9 KB, 1234x841)

And here's Kimura as the keyboardist Maurizio Lobina.

2b25b82e No.587

Animated sketch from me http://sketchtoy.com/66897432

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File: 1461036018963.png (1.19 MB, 1195x672)

Here's a douga of Miss Yukari I got.
From episode 1.

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File: 1461714144635.png (395.14 KB, 600x546)

You can tell it I threw it in Waifu2x looking at the spiral there.

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File: 1461716146950.png (305.6 KB, 600x758)


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File: 1461717905582.jpg (232.49 KB, 960x1280)

waddledoocantoo on tumblr whipped up a Yukari birthday cake

c0a8fece No.625

yukari looks like she has some form of leprosy

8ebaa88b No.1478

File: 1490130656532.jpg (151.66 KB, 540x761)

realistic nyamo

8ebaa88b No.1479

File: 1490130817531.jpg (1.62 MB, 3840x2160)

Got me some Yukari and Nyamo pins from a yahoo auction!
It's pretty satisfying how a semi-avid pin collector can have his favorite kinda-obscure-by-now manga series AND get all these pins made from it too!

8ebaa88b No.1480

File: 1490130949321.jpg (531.69 KB, 2511x1308)

The whole set's based off in-between chapter doodles from book 1, so that probably means Kagura's not in it.
I don't think I'll find myself completing the whole set any time soon though, but at least I'd get a Kaorin pin out of it!

8ebaa88b No.1481

File: 1490132755671.png (1.25 MB, 1087x613)

The back of the cart they come in…
…teaches you how to use pins..?

8ebaa88b No.1482

File: 1490133119466.png (1.31 MB, 1177x662)

Drew this on some cardboard scrap with a pen at work

348cb958 No.1484

Are those the same pins that were part of the ones in the ADV DVDs?

5477c576 No.1485

File: 1490244228807.png (179.77 KB, 318x234)

>>1484 Actually these appear to be from a japan-only set, hence how you can only seem to find them on japanese auction sites.

The set that came with the DVDs include Kamineko, Maya, Neco Coneco, Father, and Chiyo's disembodied head, but they use black outlines for the shading for some reason. (pic not mine)

GE Animation came out with six nicer looking ones that don't do that, and I got that whole set. You get silver-outlined enamel pins of Tomo, Tadakichi, and two Chiyos, along with Father and Sakaki pins printed on a silver finish and coated with epoxy.

348cb958 No.1487

Oh nice. I have that set, but had no idea there were more of the characters. I would have rocked that Sakaki on instead of the kamineko.
I use to browse Yahoo Auctions and get random oddities, like the cards and Chiyo bus but I've never come across those pins you have. Good find.

0e69b43e No.1489

File: 1490326697190.jpg (2.38 MB, 3840x2160)

>>1487 Aha, I remember they were actually pretty common for a while, they're from GE Animation after all, but I think they look nicer than the DVD ones.

f18dcfbf No.1549

File: 1491963368648.png (1.45 MB, 1272x1951)

Yukari in modified Samantha Fox garbs.

Also it appears I forgot to use my name for my past few contributions, particularly the ones about the pins and the cardboard sketch oops.

5f06f64e No.1572

File: 1492890905490.jpg (141.38 KB, 720x480)

>That feel when I'll be old as Yukari in a few months.

And ya know what? My life is about as on track as Yukari's is.

46a027af No.1574

File: 1492902627919.jpg (75.11 KB, 346x1000)

haha i passed yukari years ago. she's still my inspiration for living the trash adult life tho

b1202af0 No.1654

File: 1495390002448.png (953.94 KB, 600x894)

dcd89a5c No.2337

File: 1525835029587.gif (1.16 MB, 427x241)

Hey guys look what I did in Adobe Premiere today!

dcd89a5c No.2338

File: 1525835246890.png (7.23 KB, 312x312)

>>2337 Here's the sprite by itself, I used color palettes from Kirby Super Star Ultra to make it.

f0921bc6 No.2339

Do you have a close-up/full res pic of the "I'm Hit" of Miss Yukari when she dies?

I'd get a chuckle out of it.

542b0866 No.2340

That's the shit, man, keep it up 👍👍👍

9d209741 No.2341

haha this would be perfect for one of those azu doujin games

59c2c2bf No.2342

File: 1525912483422.png (1.53 KB, 96x120)

Haha yes indeedy!
It's amazing how well this turned out since I mostly just threw together her general shape and studied how the original "I'M HIT" icon used greys for outlines.

59c2c2bf No.2343

File: 1525912852556.png (1.75 KB, 96x120)

>>2342 And there's the normal Yukari icon. I kind of traced over her payday dance from the manga.
Y'know in Japan they went and made a set of blindbox pins out of Kirby's copy ability hud icons used in Super Star and Adventure. I own Super Star's Ice Kirby pin myself.

I wonder how easy it'd be to make pins of these?

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