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Not much happens in this chapter, but it's nice to see Yotsuba in print again after all these months.

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Yotsuba's first time at a hair salon, I take it.

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The title page was merciful to clean… this time…

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When the chapter opened with them at a hair salon, I was worried Azuma was about to shake up the status quo and cut off Koiwai's luxurious mane.

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Koiwai's responses all seem so flat. I guess it's hard to keep up with Yotsuba's level of energy.

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I know the feeling all too well…

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That's all until next time.

The note at the bottom says 9/27, but we all know how that goes…

a327cbfd No.3740

It's so good to see this again.
Thanks Ralen.

5ab4a043 No.3742

Thanks for the translation Ralen, this put a smile on my face :)

7da0cf7b No.3743

Much appreciated

101536c8 No.3744

I can't believe it! thanks

a80ff6a3 No.3745

Yotsuba's been making a lot of cute "anime-esque" expressions lately. I wonder what she's been watching?

99584ae2 No.3746

thank you Ralen as always

f121fda5 No.3747

Hate to say it but I really preferred Yotsuba's old hair, sucks that we're stuck with this now

592af1b5 No.3748

Thanks for the translation Ralen!
Doesn't Yotsuba look too big here in comparison with Koiwai?
What's with the weird outlines in Yotsuba's head in the last two panels? It looks like the sketch wasn't cleaned up. Or is it some visual language I'm not getting?
I thought yotsuba was 6?
Azuma could have come up with Yotsuba having overgrown hair or something at the beginning or something, it's dumb to see her exactly the same after the hai salon
How cute, Koiwai is playing along in stepping only on the white stripes of the crosswalk.
What is this "Pan de maebay-"? It looks like the name is partially in Spanish. Tried to see if google autocomplete would clarify, but I had no luck.
And that's it, this chapter was more about hair salons and bread than books.

99584ae2 No.3751

>What is this "Pan de maebay-"? It looks like the name is partially in Spanish. Tried to see if google autocomplete would clarify, but I had no luck.
pan de maebayashi. I agree the new art sucks.

aabfdde1 No.3752

"pan" comes from portuguese "pão", a word for bread

592af1b5 No.3753

"pan" is literally "bread in spanish and "pan de —" would mean "bread of —".
Both portuguese and spanish come from the latin "panis".

592af1b5 No.3754

Thanks for the clarification, although I still can't find it in google.

0566fb50 No.3755

File: 1598809633552.png (394.57 KB, 852x720)

"What's with the weird outlines in Yotsuba's head in the last two panels? It looks like the sketch wasn't cleaned up. Or is it some visual language I'm not getting?"

It looks like he's trying to emulate shallow depth of field. It does look weird though.

14b9e6e8 No.3756

>It looks like he's trying to emulate shallow depth of field. It does look weird though.

I couldn't decide between that, or it being a…

Well, I was going to say "printing error," but I just realized if Azuma draws these digitally and submits these digitally (and I know Dengeki has gone all digital publication now) then that would be impossible…

de8509ae No.3757

If this was digital then the line art trace didn't fit and he didn't catch it. Or it was depth of field but, that seems oddly cerebral.

c8256e70 No.3758

Probably 1-2 more chapters to go before Yotsuba& vol. 15 gets released.

These chapters haven’t been collected-
& Socks
& Smoothies
& Rocks 1
& Rocks 2
& Cramming 1
& Cramming 2
& Art Supplies 1
& Art Supplies 2
& Books

That's about 183 pages.

7da0cf7b No.3759

Yea I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be depth of field, the purpose of those panels is to bring focus to other subjects of the scene
Here too to focus on the mirror image

592af1b5 No.3760

That kind of makes sense, but I think it's poorly executed.

7da0cf7b No.3761

File: 1598828503742.png (486.01 KB, 801x782)

Perhaps you should keep in mind you probably wouldn't notice the strength of the outlining effect when reading it from a tank.
He also did the same thing in chapter 104 but you probably didn't notice back then either.

85577a2e No.3763

What is the original name of the chapter?

3416229f No.3764

I should know that, it's my native language
for a moment here I thought kowai was going to make an actual picture book with yotsuba's drawings

c9b0f26e No.3765

The Japanese title is よつばとほん.

20a7ae81 No.3767

File: 1598907418498.jpg (12.6 KB, 275x183)

Thanks, man. I think we all needed this, like, more than ever. The year feels a bit better already.

I think the outline of the character being different to simulate the effect of varying focus works, and I think so because I got it right away. But I totally understand if someone says they it didn't work for them.

Also, Ralen, you can now post images without text? Because before you couldn't and that forced you to post auto generated quotes that were some times hilarious, and some times even made sense.

>I was worried Azuma was about to shake up the status quo and cut off Koiwai's luxurious mane
I was hopeful Azuma was about to shake up the status quo and finally cut off Koiwai's mess of a mop, but deep down I know that's not gonna happen.
I wish Yanda and Koiwai would eventually be more like Jumbo, but that's also not gonna happen.
Jumbo, not that's a man! I wish I was gay just so I could have a crush on him…

Nice to see they're still making banana smoothies.
Speaking of, some months ago I was making some but didn't have vanilla extract, so I just used some vanilla ice cream I had. Best idea ever. Now I buy the cheapest vanilla ice cream just to use as an ingredient in banana smoothies.

>I really preferred Yotsuba's old hair
The Try Try Try hair?

d7d833e3 No.3770

>you can now post images without text?
Technically I could always post images without text, but if I tried to post too many too quickly, it would trigger the spam filter.

I discovered through trial and error that adding text to the post makes it less likely to trigger the spam filter.

This time I just got lucky and/or waited it out any time the spam filter came up. Also, I didn't really feel like putting inspirobot quotes in each post.

21fb79e2 No.3771

Impressive that you're able to recall that on a whim.

Fun chapter. Glad it went well for Yotsuba, my first time at a hair salon involved a lot more crying and fear of scissors…
Thanks again as always, Ralen!

9d33ee1e No.3773

>Impressive that you're able to recall that on a whim
I was just looking through recent chapters to see if it was the first time he did it or not

b8e006ec No.3799

Thank you, Ralen! But why do they always annoucne the next chapter for next month when it usually takes much longer? Don't they already know Azuma won't be finished with the next chapter a month from now?

26ef642d No.3800

I'm afraid I don't have the answers you seek…

I'm assuming they ask the artist with each submission, "So when will you have the next one ready?" And print the date according to that.

But dates are missed so often, I guess there must not be many consequences. I wonder if they're contractually obligated to produce a certain number of issues each year or something.

7d080ebd No.3801

Maybe it's just a running joke now or something.

20a7ae81 No.3802

That would make it a very, very cruel joke…

af1e8508 No.3804

Our fledgling zine maker! You love to see it.

Thanks, Ralen.

af1e8508 No.3805

Regarding "pan," also cf. English "comPANion" – 'one with bread'
>from Late Latin companionem, literally "bread fellow, messmate," from Latin com "with, together" (see com-) + panis "bread"

dc3b488f No.3809

>the grass suits Fuuka
That's the million-first good thing about Our Lady of Adorkableness.

5ab4a043 No.3811

File: 1600220507534.png (702.72 KB, 846x1260)

14b9e6e8 No.3814

Some kind of shogun?

5ab4a043 No.3817

File: 1600312387553.jpg (57.87 KB, 516x767)

Ceremonial clothing for an emperor, from what I understand.

20a7ae81 No.3820

That dude does look like he's about to get a haircut.
Y'all think people found this chapter triggering? I mean, since it begins with a visit to a hair salon and prople can't do that now.

26ef642d No.3821

I actually find my life resembling Koiwai's more and more all the time.

I, too, am now a long-haired translator (on the side) who works from home and wears pajamas all day.

20a7ae81 No.3822

File: 1600443812968.jpg (36.71 KB, 500x500)

Hey, at least you have an excuse. Yousuke has been like that since we know him, virus or no virus.
But you seem to like long hair, you called his a "luxurious mane", so you're probably are fine with growing yours.

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