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File: 1598301417979.png (263.72 KB, 499x740)

da9db9d7 No.3704

They have just announced a game called "Wonder Boy – Asha in Monster World" which looks like it's gonna be a sequel or remake of "Monster World IV" for Megadrive from the Wonder Boy series (a game I love btw).

This may sound off-topic or outright shlling, but I'm posting this here because… doesn't Asha here have a really uncanny resemblance to Yotsuba? the face shape, the eyes, the mouth, the body proportions, and that she even has fkin green hair??

8cdf5777 No.3710

Now that you mention it, her face really does resemble Yotsuba's.
But I wonder if she would remind us of Yotsuba if her hair wasn't green.

0e1b0088 No.3717

File: 1598574555057.png (222.91 KB, 485x638)

I photoshopped it-

56853405 No.3718

Yup, that's definetely Yotsuba. You think it was intentional?

da9db9d7 No.3719

File: 1598720482824.png (229.14 KB, 340x610)

I don't think so, this character predates Yotsuba, her original game is from 1994. It's this new game's artstyle what makes her resemble Yotsuba, most likely not on purpose.

da9db9d7 No.3749

File: 1598797362948.png (67.01 KB, 485x638)

I traced a Yotsuba over her to see how she would look like.

89965851 No.3750

I first thought this was a silly thread, but you've made it great.

2c907773 No.3769

File: 1598908553782.jpg (29.5 KB, 266x374)

>this character predates Yotsuba, her original game is from 1994
>It's this new game's artstyle what makes her resemble Yotsuba
Yes, I know it's not a new character, but I meant maybe in the process of re-designing her they chose to also pay homage to Yotsuba. Maybe that part was intentional and that's why she ended up looking similar.

Also, thanks for bringing up this game. I didn't know it because I was a Nintendo guy, and you made me look it up.
When I saw on Wikipedia that it is a
>mix of action-adventure, platforming and RPG genres, in which the player traverses a 2D landscape fighting a variety of monsters as well as interacting with non-playable characters
that didn't sound interesting to me, in all honesty. But then I saw gameplay, and man, this is the original Shantae! And I love Shantae!
So thanks, I'm sure I'll enjoy this one.

da9db9d7 No.3774

File: 1598980775284.gif (86.77 KB, 172x167)

I hope you enjoy it! It's a very fun and charming game, but I also have to warn you, it isn't as "Metroidvania" as it may look, the dungeons are very linear, and you get locked out of those you have already completed. Also pelase don't get discouraged when you get at the Ice Pyramid, most people get frustrated here for some reason, while it's my favorite dungeon of the game.

2c907773 No.3775

File: 1598987083706.gif (4.1 KB, 103x119)

>it isn't as "Metroidvania" as it may look
I'm okay with that.
>don't get discouraged when you get at the Ice Pyramid, most people get frustrated here for some reason, while it's my favorite dungeon
Sounds to me like that I experienced with the Water Temple when I played Ocarina of Time. Everynyan said "you'll feel like quitting here", or "it's the toughest part of the game", and when I conquered the dungeon wast left with that "that's it?" kind of feeling.
I had to buy a new N64 because of it, though.

Oh, and I just saw a trailer for the new game, people seem unhappy about the graphics.
How do you feel about the new art direction?

da9db9d7 No.3776

File: 1598989503135.jpg (215.27 KB, 1232x632)

>Sounds to me like that I experienced with the Water Temple when I played Ocarina of Time.
Same, I played Ocarina of Time before even having internet, and I don't remember having any trouble in that dungeon. It's later when I learned apparently a lot of people found it difficult/frustrating, but I think it's mostly a meme parroted by people that didn't even play it.

>Oh, and I just saw a trailer for the new game, people seem unhappy about the graphics.

>How do you feel about the new art direction?
I was VERY disappointed. I was looking forward to it without even knowing if it was going to be a remake or a sequel (hence what I said in the OP), but I was expecting something good, since the Wonder Boy series is having a renaissance in the recent years, with two remakes (Wonder Boy Returns, decent, and The Dragon's Trap, great) and a brand new game (Monster Boy, awesome).
Monster World IV is my favorite in the series, so I was very hyped to learn about this game, but then I saw the trailer and all the hype went down. The beautiful pixel art of the original was translated into mediocre 3D graphics with clunky animations that try to be too faithful to the original sprites, not to mention the awful framerate drops.
I'm hoping it's a work in progress and that it will be better when it's released.

2c907773 No.3777

File: 1598990337282.gif (119.98 KB, 200x200)

I wish they would stop doing this, the original game looks beautiful. Would it really be too expensive to redo the graphics in beautiful 2D?
My advantage is, I can play that and for me it's new. I don't have a Sega Genesis though.
Oh, forgot to mention before, the reason why I used a stray fairy before is because when I played those games, every time I saw one it reminded me of Chiyo.

da9db9d7 No.3778

>I don't have a Sega Genesis though.
You can emulate it, nobody will judge you. In fact, the original game was only released in japanese, and it wasn't translated until many years later when it was re-released as a downloadable game for Wii and PS3. It's also on the Genesis Mini.
They made a fan-translation before tho, but I prefer the official one.

2c907773 No.3779

File: 1598996133945.png (752.01 KB, 968x728)

>You can emulate it, nobody will judge you
Believe me, I will. I accept now that emulation is great, but once I thought emulation was a dirty thing, and because of that belief I made mistakes.
I have a basement now, which I didn't have in my previous apartment, and in this basement I've been placing for the last year several things that I collected through my life, and most of these things are great to see again, except for the consoles. They just remind me of mistakes I made, because for the first time I can see them all at once.
I have at lease 7 Super Nintendos (regular and Junior, one of them in box), 3 Nintendo 64, I lost one of my NES consoles but I still have the other. I don't even know how many GameBoy consoles I have, a battery pack for the original GameBoy new and in the box, 3 Game Cubes, two of them with Gameboy Player, Play Station, Play Station 2, Play Station 3, a Wii, a Wii U, several random handhelds…
Honestly I don't know how many consoles I have. All this just because I didn't accept sooner the fact that emulation is fine.
I need to sell most of this, one of the Nintendo 64 consoles I have, I bought just because I needed the controller. What was I thinking?

da9db9d7 No.3794

Holy! how did you get so many?? maybe you could get a handful for them on ebay.

0c0beb66 No.3795

>>3779 Original consoles are great though, and paired with a flash cart you can play things without the insane collectors market attached, and play hacks/translations. All works out to being just a little bit better than emulation (removes the added lag, no inaccuracies), and expensive, but can be worth it if it's one of your major hobbies.

0c0beb66 No.3796

Guess I'll add, if you do sell your consoles, sell them directly to someone. Don't let them go cheap to someone who will just resell them for way more money. You can find someone who will get good use out of them, and will get likely more than you paid for them in the first place.

2c907773 No.3797

File: 1599077169357.jpg (30.02 KB, 480x360)

Because when I lived with my parents I had a NES and a Super Nintendo, then I left home but my sisters wanted to play and I left the games for them. Went to live with friends and had to buy another Super Nintendo and new games. Then the N64 came out, and the Play Station, bought those but then I moved again and my friends asked me to leave the games there, and the cycle tended to repeat. I didn't lose any console except for a NES, but I lost most of my games because back then I didn't care enough to bother getting them back, I just bought them again. Then I briefly moved to Argentina and I asked my friends to send all my stuff to my parent's house (for the most part they did, but they did steal stuff, like a Casio keyboard and a refrigerators). Then when I moved where I live now, I went to my parent's house where they stored it all, and brought it here where I can see it all together finally. There are things I don't mind having collected impulsively, like books or music, but when I saw all the consoles together I felt like an idiot. I should have been smarter with money.
And yes, I'm selling those. I'll try so sell them directly to buyers, too. That's better money.
When you think about it, if you mod a Wii U, that machine alone will do everything the other consoles do. Mod the PS3 and then you don't need the PSX or the PS2. Then you need just two consoles for all your retro needs.

63ea001f No.3807

How difficult would it be to edit her in-game model to be more like >>3717?

Yotsuba in Monster World would be great.

cccf9632 No.3810

It will probably be very easy, especially since nowadays most of the videogames are made with the same engines everybody is familiar with.

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