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36351b66 No.3638

I've made an important discovery and I think everyone needs to know this.

It seems that in Yotsuba, the older a character is, the more realistic they are drawn.

That's all. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

e412afe1 No.3639

You're totally right! Even more right than you think, because if I remember correctly, babies are very simplistic in the Yotsuba Universe.

How is Yotsuba gonna look when she's 40?

55412ee1 No.3641

holy shit

fce2da58 No.3642

Probably, do you remember any chapter with babies to check that out?

88de8d39 No.3643

File: 1595353489321.jpeg (444.38 KB, 858x1200)


There's a baby in the chapter where Yotsuba gets a camera

fce2da58 No.3644

Yeah, that's right. I also remember that one chapter where Yotsuba was playing with sand in the park with another kid slightly younger than her, and she had that same face.

acac23f3 No.3648

File: 1595442430871.jpg (69.81 KB, 382x332)

fce2da58 No.3649

Ahhh, I found it and I came to post exacly that, you beat me by an hour.

fce2da58 No.3650

File: 1595447705223.png (260.33 KB, 536x379)

It could be assumed that she's drawn less detailed because she's far away (look at her mother too).
But here you can see her together with Yotsuba and she's still having little to no details.

aee443d8 No.3651

File: 1595451676420.jpg (116.08 KB, 728x1059)

This is the first baby ever shown in the manga.
I think OP's observation is totally valid, this isn't a coincidence.

56c5ac11 No.3657


9f2f0c7d No.3666

How old is the dog? Could be more evidence.

aee443d8 No.3667

>How old is the dog?
Hard to tell, oh Satan, because dogs age in Earth years, but also biologically you have to multiply by seven, I think.

I think OP is right, no question about it, but my question is whether or not Azuma made that decision consciously. Could it have been a psychologically untraceable thing even he is unaware of?

2c2b2213 No.3687

i don't know why, but i'm particularly impressed by this

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