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8e63413d No.3595

This is a thread to comment and post things from the manga that weren't in the animation.
Like the fact that Osaka and Chiyo worked together at Magnetron Burger, (which is an obvious parody of McDowell's), and the fact that Osaka wasn't even born in Osaka.

Some of the jokes they didn't animate are pretty good.

8e63413d No.3596

File: 1593730181763.jpg (156.49 KB, 800x1146)

I like this one, for example.

3613d7bf No.3597

File: 1593786061577.jpg (333.6 KB, 868x1200)

That reminds me of this gag from Yotsuba&!

098c205d No.3598

Yes! That's also one of my favorites.
Azuma seems to have a thing for buttons that kill you.
Don't elevators actually have secret button combinations for special functions, though?

Anyway, Osaka and Chiyo look cute selling burgers, I wonder why that was left out of the anime.

497eee2d No.3923

I loved the chapter where Yukari was actively bullying Tomo in class with translations

ca81dc0f No.3924

I think I vaguely remember that one.

c6f1d27c No.4010

File: 1606773607219.jpg (145.24 KB, 728x1035)

I wish it were in the anime

09244b87 No.4023

I remember a manga-only scene where Osaka goes out in a hurricane or thunder or something and she loves it even though the thunder scares her.

60b0a77e No.4026

File: 1607090985049.jpg (223.61 KB, 560x1600)

One of my favourites too, Osaka and I are on the same wavelength.

5522ac43 No.4029

File: 1607213597737.png (48.88 KB, 236x227)


60b0a77e No.4043

File: 1607593370792.jpg (250.22 KB, 847x1200)

Cutest page ever

8e63413d No.4047

That stamp is too cute. Almost as cute as Yomi with braids.

f714cadc No.4166

I ended manga yesterday and I don't remember this page lol

7296e1ce No.4167

It's from the supplementary lessons.

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