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I hadn't checked this board in a long time but I suddenly remembered it today. I am thrilled it is still active! Thanks to Ralen!! I have enjoyed Azu and Yotsubato for many years!! This has been my favorite board even when it has slowed. I will always think of it with joy when times are hard. Wishing the best to Ralen, wherever he is!

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Back at you, although we have AXYPB to thank for hosting this board (wherever he is).

Aw, that picture reminds me that I haven't kept up with buying the English releases… It looks like volume 14 came out in in 2018, but I haven't bought any since volume 12…

7db62910 No.3589

Cool books, dude. I haven't read Watchmen. Is it similar to Yotsuba? I bet it is.

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I see that Barnes and Noble edition of Lovecraft's work.

e2a4aec0 No.3592

Sakaki was actually based on the Dr. Manhattan character. Tall, powerful, aloof, but secretly with the heart of a little girl.

Good eye. I picked that up when I was traveling for Christmas one year to give me something to read.

7db62910 No.3593

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>Sakaki was actually based on the Dr. Manhattan character
Then I guess Kaorin is based on The Silhouette, because they're both similar in tastes, if you know what I mean…

…I mean their hair, they have similar hair.

1c22f989 No.3615

I, too, just remembered this board. I used to come a lot years ago. A Yotsuba thread on 4chan reminded me.

I can't wait to read all the chapters that have been released since then. I think the last I remember they all went rock hunting

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yotsuba! Is it really you?

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