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For those who aren't acquainted with Splatoon, they had a Transformers Spatfest once.

Autobots VS Decepticons.

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Dragon Quest crossover apparently

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Waiting for your daughter to come back from America can lend to many moments of inner discussions.

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What? No female Goof-off?

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Sleepynook's idea on how to make Azumanga relevant to the new generation

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File: 1461449596600.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.44 MB, 800x750)

Here's a crossover.

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Oh yes

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Upscaled through waifu2x. The artist made his sketches too small when he uploaded them

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Persona 3

By けいじえい

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Rhythm Heaven

Artist unknown.

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Ichigo Mashimaro & Nichijou

By 湯原みかん: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=20126552

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File: 1469998812215.png (2.01 MB, 1206x841)

It's only a sketch for now, but I liked how this was coming along so far, so I thought I'd share it.

Mayl from Mega Man Battle Network plops on top of Sakaki. I've been binge watching the anime series a lot as of late, with subs since Viz totally butchered the localizing, and I've been working on a youtube poop of it for a while now, mostly just for Mayl's voice.

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Neko-Koneko is briefly visible in this animation.

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SNK vs. Capcom: Chaos

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no i'm not

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March comes in like a lion

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File: 1494231027758.png (4.54 MB, 1554x1296)

>>818 Updated this. I was wondering who else to fill the space with since Sakaki and Mayl were looked lonely after some time, but then I remembered some friends were still waiting on requests.

Letterabcd requested Sonia Strumm from Mega Man Star Force,
Stuart K Reilly ordered Sabrina as usual, only with a revolver,
and Penkenarts wanted his OC, Naomi. That's her in the corner with the pillow.
Now they're having a BIG OL' slumber party!

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File: 1495159405892.png (4.14 MB, 985x1767)

Did this during work. I'll upload it as a 2-parter

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File: 1495159510382.png (4.29 MB, 985x1766)

>>1649 There's Sakaki in the botton right corner, getting pelted by raining Puyos.
Match 4 of the same color to clear them!

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Yukari's falling in love again…

cuz King Dedede's got fat stacks!

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File: 1514895856559.png (3.49 MB, 1413x1396)

Kaorin chugging that gay shit & Knuckles

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File: 1526092320423.png (1.71 MB, 1178x902)

A little peek of something I started,


5196097e No.2383

Say, do you have a set process for your drawings? Like, do you ink or clean it up somehow? Your drawings always look hella neat.

eec48a3e No.2398

>>2383 It's not depicted here, but I kinda had a method for using polygonal lassos for outlines. It's a long and tedious process, but my version of photoshop doesn't have a pen tool,

Lately I've been resorting to dropping inking altogether, just let the pencils do everything for a sketchier style. I COULD just draw the inking myself, but my current tablet's not too reliable as it stands.

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Cool pic.

I like Rock-A-Doodle.

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The entire Azumanga collection redrawn by Geibuchan

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>>2352 EAT

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Azumanga and Yes! PreCure 5

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Nichijou & Azumanga

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Yotsuba & Hellsing

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Ayyy Persona 3!!

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