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New chapter, new IM thread.
The old thread is here:

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New outfits and new hair styles.

I can't tell what Nobue's shirt says. It looks like "Marker Pointer Shield"? But that's a different order from "PMS."
Knowing Barasui, it's probably some American musical artist.

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I deliberated on whether to localize this as "Truth or Dare" since the premise is pretty similar, but ultimately decided against it since the rules are different, and it looks like we might be seeing those differences throughout the chapter.

The King Game ("Ousama Game") is often played at social gatherings where alcohol is involved.
The players draw disposable chopsticks (or whatever else is handy) which consist of one labeled "King" and the rest numbered 1..n-1 for the remaining players. Whoever draws "King" gives orders based on the player number, without necessarily knowing who drew which number.

3eb14504 No.3242

awesome, I was gonna post and ask if there were any new chapters

18d73dfa No.3243

…of course that's what Miu would do.

Thanks for the translation.

7fce5e1b No.3244

Cuteeeeee. Thanks Ralen.

d4709a96 No.3245

Ichigo Mashimaro?
They don't even look like they're in middle school.

7fce5e1b No.3246

Middle schoolers can be 12 in Japan (and even 11 elsewhere), plus some people just look younger/older at that age, so I'd say they do.

c8a4c2c2 No.3248

They're not, they're in 5th and 6th grade.
Elementary school goes up to 6th grade in Japan.

7fce5e1b No.3249

Lol, yeah, plus this fact…

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Cute Ana.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!

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Thanks for your patience everyone! This issue is long overdue.
It's from the 2020-02 issue released in late December. This is the latest release, so this series is caught up for now.

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That's all until next time.
The note at the bottom says 1/27, but that didn't happen, so…

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5f9bcbc4 No.3384

Nobue didn't want to kiss Miu?
I know miu isn't her favorite, but that was weird.

Also, I wonder what would have happened if Chi-chan was number 2…
Is kissing incest?

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Here's the 2020-06 issue. Only 3 pages, but fun.

Ana actually does say "Hai-yah" here, but in the normal way that Japanese martial artists say it, and not the exaggerated western Karate stereotype.

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Okay, please don't let this start a shitstorm.

I assume most people already know, but just in case, this is a symbol associated with Buddhism that has been used in Japan for thousands of years, and not the same as the Nazi symbol. In Japan this symbol is commonly seen at Buddhist temples, and is used on maps to mark temple locations. It is totally different from the Nazi symbol, being counterclockwise and flat, while the Nazi symbol is clockwise and angled. This is an important distinction, because they're 2 totally different things, and in Japan, people easily recognize the difference.

Now, what Miu is doing here isn't just a random gag, it's actually a very clever wordplay. I had to look up the phrase she says to translate this page, but it's "マジ卍!" which is read "maji-manji."

<body is too long>

af1f9a0a No.3455

It turns out this is currently a common saying among young Japanese girls. It's popular because "Maji" (as in "really" or "seriously") is already an overly-used exclamation, and the repeated sound of "maji-manji" is pleasing to say and striking to the ear.
It has the added benefit of being written "マジ卍" which makes it visually striking as well, since you hardly ever see the character 卍 in Japanese writing. It seems to be rapidly growing in popularity for both of these reasons. It doesn't really have a fixed meaning other than as a general exclamation, similar to "yabai."

Now, the literal meaning of this phrase is "A real 卍." And that's exactly Miu is doing; creating a real 卍 with her body.

Naturally the nuance of this isn't really translatable, but the joke kind of works for the American mindset as well, because I think most readers' first instinct when they see this symbol will be "Nazi swastika." They'll have a negative association with it, and mentally it can kind of stand in for a swear word. This works, because Miu is a dick so much of the time.

The final note at the bottom is another wordplay, "渾身," meaning something to the effect of, "She put her whole body into it." Meaning that she not only gave it her best effort, but also literally used her whole body.

Phew, that was a lot of explanation for a 3-character joke.

6df13be2 No.3456

I got the joke immediately and I thought it was real funny.

Naturally I expect that when this got popular a lot of girls posted selfies of themslves doing the 卍 pose

6df13be2 No.3457

>you hardly ever see the character 卍 in Japanese writing.
Also you see it in Google Maps of Japan

780192b1 No.3458

Is it bad that I knew about this game just because it some times appears in porno manga?
I think this is the first time I see it in a wholesome and pure manga.

I am also kinda shocked, Ana actually kicked Nobue in the butt and I didn't expect that.

It's a funny joke, and I hope no one gets triggered. It would be really stupid.
But still, I wonder what they will do with it when the manga is published in English…

bd700925 No.3459

Is this series still being published in English?

780192b1 No.3460

File: 1588554120115.jpg (174.43 KB, 766x1080)

Good question. I sure don't know, but if it's still being published in English, or if they want to publish it again at some point, they're gonna have to be very creative when they reach this chapter…

Oh, and thanks for telling us about "マジ卍"
Fun things happen when you google マジ卍

7fce5e1b No.3461

"Mocket Ponster Shild"


7fce5e1b No.3462

Also hah, never heard that phrase but it's a linguistically fun one for sure.

fa6cc996 No.3463

Thanks for the translation and explanation! I'd have been left scratching my head without it.

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