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>I refuse to die until I see a real Yotsuba Anime
That makes you immortal. Honestly, I think we all like the idea of a Yotsuba anime, but if they developed one it wouln't be good.

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oof… I guess I should start investing then.

Imagine the three ways the anime could turn out:
1. KyoAni makes it as a comeback production.
2. Gen Urobutcher is given license to do whatever he wants, for some reason.
3. Studio Ghibli makes a tv series instead of a movie.

Which would turn out best?

0cd7a497 No.3187

>Studio Ghibli makes a tv series instead of a movie
By far would this be the most interesting, but sorry, I still don't think Yotsuba& is a manga that can be animated without changing the feel of it fundamentally.
But I've been wrong before about things like these.

9b995efc No.3191

I mean, the story and the feeling CAN be replicated in animated fashion. You just really have to find the right guy to do it. Someone who isn't afraid to make an extended scene about something that is normal day to day life, but given fresh air from Yotusba's joy.

7bcf22f9 No.3193

I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just saying I don't see it.
As you say, it would have to include long, slow scenes of very little happening drawn with care and detail to convey very specific moods. I think Sketchbook Full Colors has scenes just like that, and if I remember correctly they worked very well.

You know what? You're convincing me, kinda.

58f126df No.3198

Azumanga had scenes like this too.

859d6b5e No.3199

I know, but for some reason I keep thinking about Sketchbook Full Colors.
Maybe because the music of that show, it was very good music.

c41dfa79 No.3200

Oh yeah, I actually forgot about Sketchbook Full Colors.

I know you already said it, but I just kind of glossed over the title as one I was familiar with, without really stopping to remember what the series was about.

I think I still have the episodes on my PC somewhere… With my rewatching of Azumanga, Sketchbook might also warrant a rewatching.

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File: 1573688074941.jpg (83.9 KB, 1200x675)

>With my rewatching of Azumanga, Sketchbook might also warrant a rewatching
You should totally rewatch Sketchbook, it has an Osaka clone in it.
And you know what? I know now why I was thinking about it, it's because this girl always made me think of Yotsuba as a teen. Not that she looks like Yotsuba, but she is energetic and creative and a weirdo (in a cute way)

So, you think about animated Yotsuba much?
Are you with OP, or with us skeptics?

933045fe No.3204

I've not ever watched Sketchbook. But maybe if a series wouldn't work, perhaps a movie would.

ed8ac195 No.3209

There was a doujin many years ago that contained a storyboard at the end for a potential Yotsuba anime opening theme.

I found the song the artist named (Real Man by Carnation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tO315MM70ws) and synced the storyboard panels up to the music, along with translated lyrics, and put it on Youtube, but then some time later it got reported for copyright infringement and Youtube took it down.

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File: 1573762797874.jpg (27.39 KB, 704x400)

Interesting. Too bad they took down the thing, I hope I could have seen it.
You don't happen to have the file? You could upload it somewhere else.
Or that doujin you mention.
>maybe if a series wouldn't work, perhaps a movie would
A movie based on which chaoters?
I like the camping arc.

ed8ac195 No.3212

Actually yeah, I still have both.
This .rar file has the original doujin pages as well as my video.


And this is the original doujin those pages are from.
WARNING: This is a NSFW Fuuka sex doujin

efbde4aa No.3213

well that was actually a pretty fun little video. It kind of feels like an end credits sequence.

ed8ac195 No.3214

File: 1573826969368.jpg (512.84 KB, 1060x1515)

There's a second set of pages in the full doujin called "ANGEL" that looks more like a closing theme.

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4 pages is all.

9b995efc No.3224


I enjoy the artwork in Yotsu because of how simple and effective it is, while not at all being amateur. The establishing shots are great. But really it's the pacing of the panels that make it so funny.

293b50b8 No.3225

This is cool!

20f208c9 No.3843

that video is really good!

2b901904 No.3844

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I love Yotsuba so much that even if its hypothetical anime was amazing, it still wouldn't live up to my expectations, a Yotsuba anime by Ghibli does sound interesting though.

Incredibly good video, made me really happy.

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