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26ce5cb2 No.3115

I got to thinking about Azumanga Daioh tonight, and I realized it's made a bigger impression on me than I realized.

It was my first exposure to Japan outside of the things everyone knows, like Godzilla, Pokemon, and sushi. It's what inspired me to start learning Japanese, and to learn more about Japanese culture.

I've seen several anime over the years, but none of them have stuck with me like Azumanga Daioh has.

And then I got to thinking about Yotsuba&!. When it first started, people on this board tended to regard it as a pale predecessor to Azumanga Daioh. People liked it, but thought it didn't stand up to the previous series.

I was thinking to myself that I don't think that's the case anymore. I think Yotsuba&! surpassed Azumanga Daioh years ago and I never even realized it.
In it you can find all the same themes and storytelling and humor that you get in Azumanga Daioh, but there's so much more opportunity for storytelling. Azumanga was limited in scope because of its main characters being in high school, but Yotsuba&! could theoretically go on for ever at the rate time progresses.

Does anyone else feel like Yotsuba&! has surpassed Azumanga?

f71dc37f No.3116

They're both brilliant but very different to me. I started to read Yotsubato before I read Azumanga, and I loved Yotsubato … but then I picked up Azumanga and it blew my mind. And then afterwards, I continued to read Yotsubato … and then I thought, Yotsubato also blows my mind! I don't think they can be compared.

27d8f084 No.3117

>pale predecessor
That should have read "pale successor."

I agree they're very different, but I think they're both woven from the same core themes. I can only describe those themes as "slice of life," since I think it's the genre that best encompasses series like Azumanga and Yotsuba&!, but I also think that doesn't quite do them justice, because there are lots of series that qualify as "slice of life" which are also just garbage. There's something more at the heart of Azumanga Daioh and Yotsuba&! that draws me (and I assume other fans) in.

And in that regard, I think Yotsuba&! executes those themes with greater skill than Azumanga Daioh ever did (which makes sense, since Azuma has only continued to improve since Azumanga ended).

50a588eb No.3118

File: 1568593275407.jpg (49.84 KB, 640x480)

It's a real Sophie's Choice to me, but if you ask me which I like better I think it's still Azumanga even after all these years.
You know, some people have nerdy dreams occasionally. Like my brother who some times dreams he's playing drums with Dream Theater, or my wife some times dreams she's in the Enterprise. People tell me they have those, I never had that kind of dreams, and I was always envious. Until I had one, and my first one was about Azumanga. That's how I know it's still my favorite of all time.
Yotsuba is probably my favorite current manga, but I sure haven't had a dream about it.
>When it first started, people on this board tended to regard it as a pale predecessor to Azumanga Daioh
Successor, you mean.
I don't really remember that, but I may not have been here back when Yotsuba started. In fact I waited for a long-ass time before I started reading it, because somehow I knew there was a 99% chance that I would like it too much and I needed to prepare myself for another favorite thing. When I started reading it a couple of volumes were already out, probably.
SoL is my favorite genre now and it's all thanks to Azumanga, so that impact it undeniable for me.
>there are lots of series that qualify as "slice of life" which are also just garbage
Sturgeon's law dictates that this is true.
And yet, I have a hard time thinking of many SoL manga and anime that I really hated…
I don't think I even hated Lucky Star. May be because you and I are approaching it differently: you may be measuring SoL series against Azumanga, which is a high bar. I approach each series with a mind as blanc as I can and try not to compare it to anything.

27d8f084 No.3119

I actually really liked Lucky Star.
The garbage series I had in mind was specifically PoteMayo. The ending was just forced tearjerker porn with no consequences.

50a588eb No.3120

File: 1568611512090.jpg (7.47 KB, 300x168)

Oh, crap! I totally forgot PoteMayo was a thing. I didn't see the final episode, I dropped it like 4 episodes in. I trust you, though, so I'm not watching it.
>I actually really liked Lucky Star
I think I remember LS being very divisive, though. I watched the whole thing and the OVA, so I'm sure I liked it, but it did not stay with me, unlike Azumanga. Like, half of /a hated it, 25% of /a liked it, and the other 25% hated it but watched it anyway for some fucked up reason.
Lucky Star fans were so vocal and numerous that I couldn't conceive it could be a fad, they were almost like bronies if I recall correctly. They even had their own Image Board for a while, I even went there a couple of times, and that didn't last. The way they acted convinced me that Lucky Star would be a major hit for ever with multiple movies and OVAs and seasons.

The latest SoL I saw was Asobi Asobase, which is nonsense but I freakin' loved it. Hope they give us another season.
You think they'll animate Ichigo Mashimaro again? The quality of the manga seems to be going up, I'd be happy with some new OVA.

7cb3ed14 No.3125

File: 1568772128155.jpg (235.43 KB, 865x1319)

I do remember everyone hating on Lucky Star when it came out.

I made this image when it was ongoing and posted it on either /azu or /a, (just because I thought it was an interesting that they used the same joke) but people ended up trying to point to it as evidence that Lucky Star was crap.

There's enough recent IM content that I wouldn't be too surprised if another OVA comes out someday. It has been quite a while since the last one, though.

f68d72a6 No.3126


I once heard someone opine that people were angry about Lucky Star because they wanted Haruhi season two instead. I guess they shared a studio or director or something (I'm not up on the behind the scenes parts of the industry). In any case, that was offered as a reason that people who didn't like it were so vocal instead of just ignoring it.

As for me, I watched the first episode and it didn't really grab me. Maybe it was the pacing? It felt like taking five minutes of Azumanga Daioh and spreading it out to make a whole episode. Maybe I'll give it another try someday.

7cb3ed14 No.3130

Yeah, Lucky Star and Haruhi were both Kyoto Animation, although I don't remember whether they shared a director or not.

I forgot that season 1 of Haruhi had just come out the year before, so I can see why it might have ticked people off to get a moe anime instead of more Haruhi.

I like Lucky Star in the same way I like Nichijou. It's a little more grounded compared to Nichijou, but it has a similar kind of tone that I enjoy (and I like the art style).

50090892 No.3131

Imagine- if Yotsubato& finally got an anime, but you had to choose only one of 3 directors:
1. Gen Urobuchi
2. Hiddeaki Anno
3. Mamoru Oshii

f1cec44f No.3139

Coincidentally, I've been reading Nichijou lately for the first time, and "not grounded" is an understatement.

Since this is a "compare to Azumanga" thread: The characters don't really line up, but the tone of Nichijou seems like what would happen if a twenty-something Tomo got drunk and started telling stories of her high school experiences.

f1cec44f No.3140

Back to Azumanga vs. Yotsuba&, I agree that the latter might achieve a better balance of humor and heart, but I do sometimes wish Yotsuba& had more of an ensemble focus. It's a defensible choice to keep the focus on Yotsuba, but I just love so many of the supporting characters, so I wish we could see more from them.

b3b98631 No.3183

File: 1573524399445.jpg (41.28 KB, 640x480)

So, around the time I started this thread, I asked my girlfriend if she would watch the entirety of Azumanga Daioh with me.

I told her she doesn't have to like it, but that by watching it, she would get an insight into parts of my personality.

So far we're about 4 episodes in, and she seems to like it. I've heard her laugh out loud several times (mostly at Yukari or Osaka) and she said she can see why I like it.
Also, despite having seen the whole series several times myself, I'm noticing a lot of little things this time around that I never caught before, and just understanding the subtleties a little better (plus, it helps having a much better knowledge of Japanese culture compared to back then).

However, Kimura's character has really not aged well, especially in this #MeToo era. My GF was visibly disgusted by him and said they really shouldn't have put him in the series.
Although, I did point out that despite being a creep, he was actually less disruptive to Nyamo's swim class than Yukari was.

2aa7dc9f No.3184

File: 1573540166537.jpg (18.59 KB, 200x275)

>despite being a creep, he was actually less disruptive to Nyamo's swim class than Yukari was
That's a very good point.
But to be fair, it's worse when the disruptive element is sexual. Yukari is just annoying, Kimura may be criminal. It's a mistake to think about these characters and their actions in the context of the real world, though. That's an easy way to sabotage your own enterntainment.
>Kimura's character has really not aged well, especially in this #MeToo era
That's why I like anime and manga, it still presents sexually inappropiate characters as goofy and funny, like Konata's dad or Nobue from IM, or this girl from Hyakko.
I hope Japanese media never "develops" a sense of moral responsibility, specially a misguided one like the West has.
I was watching random episodes of Three's Company earlier today, and to my delight I found that the show holds up, but 80% of the jokes wouldn't be made today by any show, even though they are hilarous. Sure, in real life those jokes would just be harrassement and we would all denounce them, but that's why it's important to take media as media.

1e049f73 No.3186

File: 1573543871918.png (547.83 KB, 1280x720)

I've received multiple reports of deviant conversations on this board. I am going to have to check several of your mental states and ask a few of you anons some questions.

50a588eb No.3189

It's not deviant, it's just a conversation about the characters from the show and how they're seen today.

The conversation about condoms was kinda deviant, but then again someone brought up Danbo condoms and that by itself is an abomination.

28265d86 No.3192

File: 1573545893202.jpg (484.98 KB, 1444x851)

we've received several reports of adult suggestions about Miura, this is an ongoing investigation. IPs have been logged, you'll be contacted further if the investigation has more questions. Miurra's safety is our concern here

2aa7dc9f No.3194

File: 1573547480058.jpg (85.48 KB, 540x604)

>adult suggestions about Miura
Some adult suggestions about Miura have been made by Miura herself. Why does she wanna drink beer?

But still, Miura is pure-a. She's just a bit cheeky, but still just a child. Condom manufacters are not children and should know better.

Speaking of underage drinking, how come no one tried it in Azumanga? Tomo said she wanted, but she didn't really. She just watched her teacher drink and become erotic.
Those weren't normal teens.

1e049f73 No.3195

Lol. I do not recall her making any such suggestions.

I haven't finished Azu yet, but I think i've seen most of the clips. It's true- not to sound dirty or anything- but teenagers like to break the rules and do dirty things. Not that I'd really want to think about any of them doing that, that's relegated to private matters.

2aa7dc9f No.3197

File: 1573550375532.jpg (166.04 KB, 1080x1080)

>I haven't finished Azu yet
Oh crap, did I spoil you?
Hope I didn't.
>teenagers like to break the rules
I guess that makes Tomo the most normal of the gang, huh? Scary thought.
And now you can be as normal as Tomo, with this whimsical, fun, normal mask.

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