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Doing the Inspirobot text last time was fun, so I'm going to do that again.

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"Be the reason your doctor gets eaten alive by their own parents."

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"Sexuality is actually a kind of stupidity."

f3bc29a8 No.3078

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It took me a little while to realize that the Fuuka was trying to make the "Name" box look like a cat.

"Society falls apart."

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"Don't imagine. Listen."

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"First comes the thing you least expect, then comes the expression."

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"The alternative media is a ballerina asking you for a favor."

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"Those who are able to reinvent magic are able to apologize about dreams."

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"Working as a bean counter doesn't make you a visionary."

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"Bullets can cause severe pain."

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"Dream about the best, and only then will you receive loneliness."

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"We really need to do something about insanity."

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"Working as a waiter can be merciless."

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"Do you know someone who is a woke clown? NO."

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"What do you get when you combine an heir and irony? Government."

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"If you seek to forget arrogance, try not to be nice."

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"What is locked to a bystander is unlocked when you think of it."

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"No self-annihilation for you!"

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"Don't contextualize electricity."

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"Hunks can kill."

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"With incredible struggles come incredible explorations."

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"Food is your consciousness trapped in a cage."

That's all for this time. Next issue on 9/27 according to the note in the margin.

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Really cute, thanks for the translation Ralen!
When Yotsuba was showing her origami, I thought she was going to make a fan.
In that part where it says "to all the good little girls and boys…", what does it represent? Are they saying that one radio? Is somebody shouting that in the street?

f3bc29a8 No.3098

Based on what I've seen in other manga, it's something they broadcast over loudspeakers through the neighborhood to let kids playing outside know it's getting late.

f3bc29a8 No.3099

I forgot to include this reference:

The fact that it's a well-known Japanese fish, and the fact that it's called a "rice fish" made me automatically assume it was a type of edible fish, but according to Wikipedia, they're primarily kept as pets.

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601a6173 No.3101

Thanks Ralen! Didn't even know there was a chapter this month. What a nice surprise!

f27a631f No.3102

thank you

1b3ce860 No.3103

Thanks Ralen! Lovely as always.

1f530da5 No.3104

I haven't read this yet, so thanks for NOTHING

4696cf40 No.3105

This made me smile.
It reminded me of the types of jokes you would see in golden era Simpsons.

f45334d9 No.3107

Thank you.

31d8b634 No.3108

File: 1568233368330.png (86.51 KB, 256x353)

I just recently started reading Yotsubato&. This might be my new favorite manga. It's very simple, but extremely effective. And some of the panels just split your sides wide open. Great characters, great story. It's just excellent.

efcd07a3 No.3110

Of course Yotsuba knows how to identify a dolphin. She was watching the hell out of that dolphin video she rented not so long ago.

0bc35285 No.3114

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File: 1568611841232.png (57.25 KB, 357x271)

I'm here to ask the most important question of the century: sure, those aren't dolphins, but what are they?
People all across the globe demand answers.

Fuuka has some explaining to do.

31d8b634 No.3122

clearly, those are manatee

2e5bde66 No.3134

File: 1569400307784.jpg (33.64 KB, 384x265)

>took me a little while to realize that the Fuuka was trying to make the "Name" box look like a cat
I would have spent my entire life thinking that's an earthworm she drew there for some reason. Thanks. Seriously, even knowing it's a cat's tail I can only see it as a worm.
Fuuka is such a dork.

You know what? I accept the manatee theory. At least for the two chubby ones.

28c57569 No.3135


But manatees also have horizontal tail flukes, just like dolphins. Also, their tail flukes make up one big round surface instead of two triangular ones, though their cousins the dugongs have a more dolphin-like tail. Yotsuba's objection still stands.

d3038c9b No.3136

My interpretation is that Fuuka was drawing with perspective in mind.

Because it would have looked like some kind of weird lizard tail if she drew it entirely in profile, without the flukes visible.

The ears are what gave it away. I couldn't figure out why she drew two triangles around the word "Name" until I combined it with the weird stripey horseshoe on the other end and realized it was supposed to be a cat.

1f530da5 No.3137

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File: 1569685813237.jpg (83.29 KB, 1019x812)

This makes me think of that old 4chan meme where people would progressively zoom in on an image.

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e63557e1 No.3143

Looks like a penguin to me. Like a bit of a fucked up penguin.

5764eb4d No.3144

Fuuka is so kind and pure. Maybe she is actually a Buddha.

9b37d08f No.3151

Fuuka may very well be my favorite character in manga.
Ena is just as kind but less dorky. Fuuka wins because of that.

9d6a2601 No.3170


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