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If I don't post text, the board thinks I'm spamming, but I don't really have any commentary to offer for this chapter, so I'm just going to write random stuff.

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Quotes taken from https://inspirobot.me/

"Life is life. Life IS LIFE.

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"Snailize insecticide."

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"A melody is in many ways wizardry of shit."

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"If one seeks to become pregnant, one has no other choice but to live a lie and go to prison."

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"With permanent creativity comes permanent regret."

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"First comes the sunset, then comes a huge weight gain."

I swear I didn't plan this one out.

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"Students supply what government officials exuberate."

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"Existence without murder is wrong."

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"Glorious is a friend who saves his sexual experiences, for he shall get climax."

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"Seek tits. True tits."

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"A kidney transplant isn't a lie."

24f0adb8 No.3017

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"A visionary is often a songwriter with a fancy title."

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"An illusion is denial talking."

And that's all for this time. Next issue on 8/27 according to the note at the bottom.

8572e80c No.3019

File: 1565840601869.png (152.3 KB, 455x356)

Absolutely brilliant chapter, could be my favorite of the whole series.
Thanks, man. And thanks for the quotes, I checked that site and is seems to be drunk or something. I'm generating quotes and laughing at the randomly-generated nihilism.

This is one of the best Yotsuba faces, makes me very happy.

83e8ceee No.3020

thanks for the translation

c1b056d8 No.3022

File: 1565885773855.jpeg (55.55 KB, 397x505)

I loved this one a lot, just like the last two chapters!
thanks for the translation as always, Ralen

also dang I really felt that quote

c542f884 No.3023

Thanks for the translations Ralen!

69b9dc60 No.3024

That was a really funny chapter. I liked Yotsuba’s snack eyes. Also maybe it’s just me but Fuuka is looking more out of weight lol

7597df55 No.3025

Thanks Ralen! Glad to see Yotsuba as cute as always.

c7a5bef7 No.3026

>Fuuka is looking more out of weight
What does this mean?
Did you mean "overweight"?
I think the baggy sweatshirt might be making her look a little fluffier than usual.

I don't really get her mimicry of the pottery wheel, though…

34968c0f No.3027

File: 1565911152228.png (165.83 KB, 897x314)

>I don't really get her mimicry of the pottery wheel, though…
She's trying to summon a Patrick Swayze, and can you blame her?

I remember reading a very old (probably the first) Ichigo Mashimaro chapter and in it Nobue and Miu play hooky, ride a bus or train to stations they never been to before, and come back with pottery.
So maybe that's a stereotypical part of playing hooky in Japan? You indulge in pottery and just go wherever the train takes you. Kinda romantic, very irresponsible.
Fuuka wants to do anything other than study.

If you mean she's losing weight, maybe, and I don't know if that's a good thing.

a0039758 No.3028

File: 1565911803148.png (251.7 KB, 829x412)

My bad, they went on a car, but yeah they skip school and go do pottery as you can see.

24f0adb8 No.3029

Huh, that's interesting. I remember the chapter where they skip school, but didn't remember the pottery.

Figures that it had some specific cultural significance since it seemed so random to me.

b8d7c648 No.3030

Thank you Ralen! Wonderful as always.

Hah, cool to note.

5e2e5393 No.3031

Very cute chapter, thanks for the translation. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

ef2e4a41 No.3036

>If you mean she's losing weight, maybe
I must of had a brain aneurysm when typing that cause I meant to say out of shape. but yeah it could of just been the baggy shirt.

34968c0f No.3037

I don't think she's particularly athletic in general, but she's not weak either. In this chapter she may look out of shape because she's dumpy.

e7348b19 No.3038

The way everyone's eyes are drawn, and the emphasis on them in certain panels makes me really happy.

It makes seeing them again all the more sweeter.

bd0e60c4 No.3039

File: 1566188414393.png (113.15 KB, 338x439)

These eyes?

61140650 No.3041

>>3039 well those expressions too, but I was mostly referring to how their default eyes seem to be drawn wider than usual.

Especially with Fuuka's eyes, in nearly all her panels you can get a good look at all the extra work that was thrown into drawing them. Particularly with how the lashes arc and the amount of pen strokes used to chisel them.

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