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The thrilling conclusion.
Lots of artwork in this one; not much dialogue.

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Based on the photos from Google Maps around the area shown in >>2821, this appears to be a real location.

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A few of these look like double page spreads.

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A little meta humor on this page.
Where Ena says "You can say that again," what she really does is repeat the same thing Miura just said.

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All the rocks on the ground through all these pages looks like it must have been really labor intensive.
I wonder if Azuma drew them himself, or had his assistants do them.

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I wonder how Azuma manages to always capture the childlike wonder of things like this. Is it natural to him, or does he spend a lot of time hanging around kids?
I remember when the camping chapter came out, he talked about doing research by camping with some friends and their kids.

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I want to find a place like this…

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Okay, is it just me, or do Asian people crouch differently from western people?
When I crouch/squat, I'm always on my toes. It's really uncomfortable for me to squat with my heels on the ground.
But every time I see Asian people crouch, they have their feet completely flat on the ground. I don't know how they do it.

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Another double page spread.

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I couldn't think of a better way to translate 光る石 than "shining stone."
I'm imagining she means something sparkling, but all the Google search results for 光る石 showed things that actually glow under a black light, like fluorite.

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The return of the Fancy Ladies game.

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Yotsuba's appearance in the panel on the bottom left seems to show up a lot.
Running full speed towards the viewer with a huge smile.

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I'll bet Azuma actually found a pair of rocks like this.

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I wouldn't be surprised if he has each of these on his desk, or on a shelf somewhere.

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That's all until next time.
The next chapter won't be until June 27, according to the note at the bottom.

Here's a download link:

3c757859 No.2901

thanks ralen

ae4167a5 No.2904

Thank you so much, as always!
I love sea glass.

271c1d63 No.2905

Thanks for the translation!

0a1a3ba7 No.2906

Thank you so much for translating Yotsuba&

f197497d No.2909


This is the story I've missed. That weird guy knew his rocks, that's for sure.

I love those weathered, worn ones.

445111b0 No.2915

Thanks Ralen as always!

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