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4420c824 No.2736

We're past due for a new Azuma tweets thread.
The last one stopped bumping, and I've fallen behind on translating Azuma's tweets since he went quiet for such a long time.
Previous thread at >>146

Here's this year's Wonder Festival art.

61f230cb No.2749

This month's Dengeki:
Yotsuba - No
IM - Yes

fe02075d No.2750

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At last we know Azuma works on Chapter 100 because we can see it under the Nendo.

fe02075d No.2751

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17a45420 No.2752

I like this better than most of the others years'. How long until the chapter "Yotsuba & Firearms!"?

4b2fa883 No.2753

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I'm happy to know we'll see Miura next, because Miura is cute. CUTE!

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807aa9cd No.2755

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New Yotsuba&! Exhibition in Japan.

61f230cb No.2756

Kinda looks like Yotsie is about to do terrible things to Duralumin.

055eb757 No.2765

Sorry, I'm way behind on this and still haven't made an attempt to catch up on Azuma's tweets yet.

I'm downloading the latest IM right now, and hopefully I can translate it this weekend or this week.

I'm trying to further my Japanese ability by taking a class at the local college, but the homework has really taken up all my free time in the evenings. This week is spring break though, so I should have a little more time.

d5996553 No.2766

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Yay, thank you! Good luck with your studies and enjoy break.

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