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We're past due for a new Azuma tweets thread.
The last one stopped bumping, and I've fallen behind on translating Azuma's tweets since he went quiet for such a long time.
Previous thread at >>146

Here's this year's Wonder Festival art.
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4e01178a No.4086

This month's Dengeki:
Yotsuba - Yes!
IM - No

c59b5d0a No.4087

File: 1608832121565.png (24.16 KB, 720x544)


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File: 1608836624388.jpg (724.71 KB, 800x1186)

a christmas miracle!

4e01178a No.4204

This month's Dengeki:
Yotsuba - No
IM - No

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File: 1611607772916.png (52.06 KB, 300x249)

dc5345f0 No.4206

I hate to say it, but thank god, I need a break.

Work hours have been ridiculous the last 2 weeks, but I'm hoping I'll have this weekend off.

0e461136 No.4208

File: 1611708803330.png (44.22 KB, 855x587)

Take it easy and do your best!

17e5575b No.4209

Don't feel bad, man. If you need a break, take a break and enjoy it.

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4ee15414 No.4211

Take care & stay well.

315d03b0 No.4257

This is a bit late, but it looks like no IM or Yotsuba again this month.


c22f5382 No.4264

oh no

cc1c027f No.4266

Eh, I can wait another month. Not like getting depressed or angry about it will make Yotsuba arrive any faster.

315d03b0 No.4300

Yikes, Azuma has been tweeting up a storm since February.
I'd better get back to translating…

This first one is an animated gif, which I'm not sure how to download, so I'll post a link instead.

It's been a while.
10:33 AM Feb 13

a8e0ffde No.4301

File: 1615447148278.png (341.12 KB, 693x692)

Nice to know Azuma is fun posting with the new LINE app.

df0c2717 No.4303

File: 1615462002078.gif (879.82 KB, 1000x1000)

315d03b0 No.4304

Thanks, how'd you manage to save that?

9fe391c0 No.4305

Not him but what I did gave me a file with the same hash (so the same file):
>youtube-dl https://twitter.com/i/status/1360416796331831297
>ffmpeg -i "あずまきよひこ - ひさしぶりに来るよ-1360416796331831297.mp4" out.gif
Twitter uses their TwImg CDN to deliver media, and for some time now all "GIFs" on Twitter have actually been AVC MP4s, so you have to turn it back into a GIF, if it ever was a gif in the first place.
Binaries used for reproducible results:
>video 4C1164D2DE589FC3301A07F6BCCBC79B323599F20A54BB0298C27DB5437D626C
>gif 5B4A16A88B871546A2187592DABFCC92B28958C5FF34B35F6FE64D3082C3431F
>youtube-dl 5108AF80531C400E209CC34009B7C70F973134A335F6FF7E6FD6E18A293D0ABF
>ffmpeg 0A8271CD4A335EB48DF2E74431C2BA996C97FCB0129A137C757B95926302885F
Interestingly, I remember muxing in the opening of Take on Me by Ah-ha when he first tweeted this, but I seem to have lost the webm. Try to imagine it.

72373e25 No.4306

Wow, codes are complicated. All this time I was just looking up "twitter gif downloader"

9fe391c0 No.4307

Those are actually SHA2 hashes, not MD5s. Oops. Anyway, found the webm: https://files.catbox.moe/yksb2w.webm

315d03b0 No.4308

File: 1615503404677.jpg (216.58 KB, 1200x752)

It's coming!
7:32 PM Feb 13

Yotsuba: "It's coming!"
Fuuka: !?

Yotsuba: "Here's Yotsuba&! volume 15!"

315d03b0 No.4309

File: 1615503469813.jpg (106.92 KB, 1200x438)

Yotsuba: "It took me 3 years to draw this. What do you think?!"
Fuuka: "That's so slow."

315d03b0 No.4310

File: 1615503526339.jpg (160.57 KB, 1200x533)

Yotsuba: "Aww!! I think it was a little too slow!!"

315d03b0 No.4311

File: 1615503670871.jpg (163.27 KB, 1200x555)

It's coming.
12:39 PM Feb 14

Yanda: "The new volume of Yotsuba& is coming! It's been such a long time!"

Yotsuba: "I think… it should have come out faster!"

Yanda: "What?! Then next time I'll get it out faster!"

315d03b0 No.4312

File: 1615503974442.jpg (92.36 KB, 1200x343)

Yanda: "How many years?!"

Yotsuba: "Any number is fine?! Even 1 year?!"

Yanda: "Ohh! Excellent choice!"

315d03b0 No.4313

File: 1615504030299.jpg (290.07 KB, 1200x888)

Yanda: "Next time I'll get it out in 1 year!"

315d03b0 No.4314

File: 1615504109691.jpg (177.41 KB, 1200x680)

Yotsuba: "I think that's impossible."

Yanda: "What?!"

315d03b0 No.4315

File: 1615504624359.jpg (110.48 KB, 1200x454)

Yotsuba& volume 15 comes out on 2/27. The digital version is in progress, so I'm hoping to get it out around the same time as the paperback.
7:11 PM Feb 20

Koharuko: "Huh?"

Yotsuba: "She said she's not gonna buy Yotsuba&… 'cause there's no digital version!"

Koharuko: "Is that true?"

315d03b0 No.4316

File: 1615504673159.jpg (198.77 KB, 1200x699)

Alien: "Yes. It's just as she said."

Yotsuba: "Eee!"

315d03b0 No.4317

File: 1615504837529.jpg (260.02 KB, 964x1008)

Volume 15 comes out the day after tomorrow. There's a new LINE stamp to commemorate the release.
2:06 PM Feb 25

315d03b0 No.4318

File: 1615505051552.jpg (214.77 KB, 1170x878)

I just discovered how much fun it is to use LINE's photo editor to put Yotsuba stamps in pictures.
2:07 PM Feb 25

Is that Uzumaki? The eyes definitely remind me of Junji Ito's work.

315d03b0 No.4319

Oh, the Yotsuba stamp I just posted wasn't one of the new ones, but from the set that came out with the last paperback release, which is here.

Yotsuba&! 2 - LINE Stamps | LINE STORE
Yotsuba&! Stamps collection #2. Nothing but Yotsuba.

4:14 PM Feb 25

315d03b0 No.4320

Volume 15 comes out tomorrow.
Last time the price went up a little, and I had heard from some that it was too high, but if you want to know the reason for the increase, it's simply because the page count was 240 - up from the usual 224. It was my goal for this time to get the price back down with the usual 224 pages. Now volume 15 is a whopping 256 pages.

Yotsuba&! (15) (Dengeki Comics)

7:09 PM Feb 26

315d03b0 No.4321

File: 1615506429778.jpg (199.04 KB, 1200x580)

The new volume of Yotsuba& is out today.
10:21 AM Feb 27

Yotusba: The new volume of Yotsuba& is out today."

315d03b0 No.4322

File: 1615506619516.jpg (161.32 KB, 1200x568)

Yotsuba: "Actually, even though it comes out today, it won't be in the remote areas yet. If they're selling it, you're in the city. If they're not selling it, you're in a remote area."

Thanks for the explanation, Yotsuba!

315d03b0 No.4323

File: 1615506851609.jpg (199.46 KB, 1200x616)

The new volume should be arriving in remote areas any time now.
1:21 PM Mar 2

Koiwai: "Let's see…"

Yotsuba: "I'll buy the comic for you."

Yotsuba: "Now, just give me some money."

315d03b0 No.4324

File: 1615507164765.jpg (170.07 KB, 1200x615)


Yotsuba: "Pop quiz! Which comic am I going to buy?!"

Koiwai: "Volume 15."
Koiwai: "Not Demon Slayer, Yotsuba&."

907dff2a No.4325

Hey, that's very neat!
Is it rotoscope animation?

c9f80fa3 No.4326

I think it's Kaneda from Akira. The background looks like the ruined Neo-Tokyo, anyway.

df0c2717 No.4327

Twitter actually saves its "gifs" as mp4 videos, so I just downloaded the video file then converted it to a GIF with an online tool (generally better results than trying it myself with ffmpeg).

df0c2717 No.4328

Not sure what the source would be unless he traced a video of some actual little kid walking, but it doesn't look particularly rotoscoped to me. But I like it, and it's well-done.

492ea132 No.4334

>I think it's Kaneda from Akira.
I cannot tell if you're serious or not, but it's Tetsuo.

011241f0 No.4336


cc1c027f No.4342

File: 1616454101946.jpg (195.82 KB, 1070x1070)

I've created a 3rd collection of Yotsuba& stamps. Still pending approval. Please be patient until they go on sale.
This here is Yotsuba and my car.*
5:00 PM Mar 7

315d03b0 No.4343

Yotsuba& Stamp Collection #3 is out now.
Yotsuba&! 3 - LINE Stamps | LINE STORE
Yotsuba&! Stamps collection #3. Dripping with Yotsuba.
5:23 PM Mar 8

I made a 3rd collection of LINE stamps to commemorate the release of volume 15, but some have been saying there aren't enough stamps of Daddy or the male characters. Is there really a demand for stamps of those guys?
Yotsuba&! 3 - LINE Stamps | LINE STORE
Yotsuba&! Stamps collection #3. Dripping with Yotsuba.
6:51 PM Mar 9

Looks like I'm caught up on tweets now.

4e01178a No.4348

File: 1616689640004.png (402.81 KB, 599x672)

Azuma Kiyohiko did an interview-

4e01178a No.4352

This month's Dengeki Daioh:
Yotsuba = No
IM = Yes

2c5a7386 No.4354

Might just be shopped, not sure if custom plates are even a thing in Japan, but if thats the actual plate that's pretty cool.

ec4119ec No.4357

You can request specific numbers, and they will give them to you if they are not already taken. So it might just be real

78346937 No.4358

File: 1617200618547.png (835.25 KB, 1426x2048)

I just got the raws. I'll try to translate this weekend.

12 pages this time! Here's a taste.

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