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We're past due for a new Azuma tweets thread.
The last one stopped bumping, and I've fallen behind on translating Azuma's tweets since he went quiet for such a long time.
Previous thread at >>146

Here's this year's Wonder Festival art.
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9fe4dac3 No.3516

(not sure if I should ask, but any idea what happened to AXYPB? The latest tweets on his personal twitter don't seem very optimistic to say the least)

fcea5d61 No.3517

I'm honestly not sure how he's doing currently, and I do kind of worry.

I know last year around May he was going through some hardships (as alluded to on his Twitter account) but then I spoke to him in June/July, and it seemed like things might be starting to look up, or at least stabilize. That was the last I heard from him, though.

880fc9bc No.3585

This month's Dengeki:
Yotsuba - No
IM - No

source: https://dengekidaioh.jp/blog/entry-10362.html

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Barasui is still alive? I could swear been almost as quiet as Yotsuba has been.

184f722e No.3658

This month's Dengeki:
Yotsuba - No
IM - No

source: https://dengekidaioh.jp/blog/entry-10378.html

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Azuma is the code! Save us Azuma! Azuma save us!

5356f15e No.3662


Welp. We've moved into G.R. Martin territory now, with the possibility that Azuma might kick the bucket before the story continues.

Or the board disappears first.

bf32940f No.3663

don't be so pessimistic

68690ccd No.3664

Except he’s right.

35268a71 No.3669

do you think he actually wants to give yotsuba an ending?

68690ccd No.3680

I maintain what I’ve said for years: the last chapter of Yotsuba&! will end as she waves goodbye to Koiwai on her first day of school. We’re just now entering her last winter before school starts in the spring, we’ll have four years of winter chapters, then an early spring chapter or three, then two or three of them buying school supplies, and then boom, that’s it.

My only concern is that he won’t live long enough to get the characters from November to April of a single year…

df0c2717 No.3682

I like this.

78346937 No.3711

This month's Dengeki:
Yotsuba - Yes!
IM - Yes!

source: https://dengekidaioh.jp/blog/entry-10391.html

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File: 1598457998698.gif (371.33 KB, 1201x1096)

YES!!! Yes!

15abc964 No.3713

File: 1598458045698.gif (48.75 KB, 220x257)


2020 may be un-cursing itself! My dude, those are the best news I've seen today. Thank you.

03c0faed No.3714

File: 1598458966996.gif (1.36 MB, 320x213)

Best news of the month !

0e0afdd5 No.3715

File: 1598463456144.jpeg (8.79 KB, 340x230)

Finally! I wonder if we'll get a chapter about "Yotsuba & confinement"

16a06035 No.3716

File: 1598465946863.png (178.32 KB, 414x423)

your despair prediction is wrong!

315d03b0 No.3741

File: 1598736329917.jpg (201.23 KB, 1024x1028)

We may have an explanation for why Azuma hasn't been as productive lately.

By the way, the Yotsuba& Manuscript Exhibit is currently on display at the Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum in Takarazuka in Hyogo prefecture. In addition to original artwork, they've also taken tools and materials that I use to draw, which has been causing me a lot of trouble. I had to re-purchase several items, like pens and things.
7:36 PM Aug 21

Here's an illustration I drew for the current Manuscript Exhibit. A lot of my illustrations have been digital lately.  Videos of those digital illustrations are also on display, and people are shocked to see that they're digital. This one is in water colors, but I'm hard-pressed to tell the difference.
7:43 PM Aug 21

4e01178a No.3826

This month's Dengeki Daioh:
Yotsubato - Yes!
IM - Yes


eec99c37 No.3827

And there was much rejoicing

d6cdd3b7 No.3830

happiness acquired

70357bc6 No.3831

df0c2717 No.3833

d26b2a4e No.3842

eagerly awaiting!

738a0f42 No.3845

Here's the raws for the new chapter:


Several posters are asking about Ralen.

cc1c027f No.3846

File: 1601680897442.png (196.25 KB, 504x379)

bbef2ccf No.3847

File: 1601715783540.jpg (85.16 KB, 505x458)

What the heck is Yousuke reading? a real estate catalog? does he want to move out? will he have the audacity to separate Yotsuba from the Ayases??

78346937 No.3848

Sorry for the delay, guys. I've had the raws since Sunday night, but it's been a crazy week.

I'm planning to translate and post the new chapter today.

fbb8b86d No.3849

File: 1601749720220.png (232.55 KB, 512x512)

No problem, take your time Ralen.

93327d7f No.3873

Thanks, Ralen.
Will you be translating IM also?

9da158ea No.3876

File: 1601774708345.png (359.43 KB, 505x458)

bbef2ccf No.3879

That's it, I'm calling the police.

78346937 No.3882

Yes, I'm planning to translate that today. There are 5 pages this time.

4e01178a No.3927

This month's Dengeki:
Yotsuba - No
IM - No

65f68146 No.3930


Damn. Back to sleep.

Ralen: do we have a backup meeting site if we lose this one?

315d03b0 No.3933

No, but I've been thinking of looking into Discord as a possible option.
AXYPB still generously hosts this place for us.

1f7942e5 No.3934

Normally this would make me very sad, but the last chapters have been so good, I have the feeling the next chapter is gonna be so brillant we're all gonna think "that was worth waiting for".

4e01178a No.3972

This month's Dengeki:
Yotsuba - No
IM - No

cc1c027f No.3980

This is what I wake up to…

949f6072 No.3981

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32dd9b7a No.3986

17e5575b No.3987

There goes Christmas…

4e01178a No.4086

This month's Dengeki:
Yotsuba - Yes!
IM - No

c59b5d0a No.4087

File: 1608832121565.png (24.16 KB, 720x544)


c742d234 No.4088

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a christmas miracle!

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